What goes on with the Legionnaires

Greetings Guys,
Here are the notes from the last meeting and recent developments
1) Gay Pride Parade – Check out the coverage of the Gay Pride Parade:
The Legion was well represented.  Check out Donald Bruneau in this video:
I can sense the Spirit moving on this issue.  Anyone who is interested in discussing a way forward in response to next year’s parade should contact me.
2) Bible Study Sep.12, Oct.10, Nov.14, Dec.12 (6:30-8:30) – 12 guys are now registered. Someone expressed their interest on Saturday but I lost my paper. Who was it?
3)  Band of Christian Brothers Manifesto –  Tony L. to offer amendments to send to David G.
4)  Metcalfe Fair http://www.metcalfefair.com/ – October 1-4 – Fr. Anthony does Evangelization at the Fair each year.  I think this would be a good opportunity for us to get some boots on the ground here with hopes of building a presence in years to come.  If anyone is interested, let me know.
5) 40 Days for Life – 40 Days for Life starts up near the end of September.  The Legionnaires will be taking a full day. I hope many of you will participate. Pick an hour of our day and show up to pray for the unborn.
6) Movie Night – David C. to champion this idea with Pam S., the Parish’s Events Co-ordinator
7)  Holy League  Sep.1 – Martial Arts – Guys who are interested in going should let me know so we can organize a car pool to St. Catherine’s in Metcalfe.
8)  Ottawa Fury Oct.14/15 – Will let you all know which date in October will be available to see the Ottawa Fury.
9) CHP Candidate – Christian Heritage Party Candidate Running in Ottawa West Nepean for the upcoming Federal Election – Rod Taylor
10) Discussion topic for next meeting The Gift of Faith (last one)11) Next meeting venue September 26

Our October meeting on Oct. 24 will be at St. Catherines of Sienna in Metcalfe 6:30-8:00-meeting // 8:00 – 8:45 – Mass

12) Upcoming events / New Business Cursillo Weekends Fall – Men’s 135th Weekend (November 26th – 29th 2015)
Spring – Men’s 136th Weekend (April 14th – 17th 2016)

13) Gift of Faith Notes

You don’t get because you don’ t ask

Maybe we don’ trust He is God

Gift of humor

– Ridicule satan

– see yourself in appropriate light

– ” I am saved because of my faith”- incredibly selfish way to look at salvation instead of being saved at Baptism by an Act of God.

– Matt- Difficulties (talents?) becoming gifts- hard to accept knowing our trials but if we can let go and submit to His will- redemptive suffering- Talent- learning how to direct the difficulty

-Radicalization- negative term in media left, but Jesus was a radical

-p. 100- You sin because you are so very important

-St. Thomas More- laugh at ourselves- the soul of a child- Humor as evangelization

p. 112- through hardships god’s silence and sbsence is a great risk to god because he might lose the soul- Us!

p. 127- Faith or blasphemy- Black or white no middle ground

p. 161- God loves our soul most when he can strip it- denudation- path towards unity with God

Called to Witness — Rosary for Reparation @ Capital Gay Pride

flag of st georgesMy dear friends,

We live in times of great opportunity and witness to the Faith.  Your forefathers could only have dreamed of this opportunity, and yet how many people let it pass by…too enthralled with the gods of entertainment and apathy.  The false lords of sodomy and perversion  have always had these lesser companions to get the job done.

You are Blessed indeed in a very unique way, and yet, do you even know it? Do you even know what it means to stand for the Catholic Faith in a public fashion and be among a remnant people standing for the truth.? It sounds surreal, but it is no less true.  The Lord of the Rings does not just exist on a movie screen. It’s real, my fellow hobbits.

Our battle is not against flesh and blood, and in particular not with those misguided souls who are trapped in this destructive lifestyle.  Our battle is against their general, the prince of the Air.  And so, we’ll be there to engage in the spiritual struggle and to witness publicly that love does not always say “yes”.  We’re also there to reject the false gospel of “non-confrontation and capitulation” that has smothered much of the Catholic Church for decades.

Here are the ground rules for participation:

  1. No shouting, return insults or heated exchanges.  If we engage in these behaviours, we will be distracted and lose.  This is a silent and prayerful reparation.
  2. If reporters come sniffing and you are not comfortable engaging them, direct them to me.
  3. I will be there at St. Pat’s Basilica before 12:45. We will stand on the sidewalk in front of the Basilica.  The parade will likely pass by the Basilica between 1:20 and 1:45, depending on how quickly they march.
  4. Look for the Flag of St. George. I will be holding it high.
  5. We will pray the rosary during this time.
  6. If people want to participate but do not want to be out in the street, they can pray inside the Church, if it’s still open to the public.


This is an officially sanctioned event by the Legionnaires of St. Maurice.


Legionnaires Update

The Legionnaires of St. Maurice

We meet together to pray, study, and discuss the Catholic Faith and how we are growing in our personal lives in response to it. We share our personal challenges and draw support from one another in life’s journey, and plan our strategy for learning more about the Faith and spreading it.

If you are interested in joining us, please come out.  All men are welcome – Catholic or not!

Every fourth Saturday of the Month, from 7AM-8:30AM @ St. Maurice Parish.

Tim Horton’s Coffee, Home-Made Baking, and Juicy Fruit provided!

Upcoming Events:

  • Bible Study with David Mulcair – Sep.12, Oct.10, Nov.14, Dec.12 (6:30-8:30AM), St. Maurice Parish

Past Events:

  • Archery and Holy Hour (St. Catherine of Sienna Parish, Metcalfe) – Tues. July 21, 2015
  • Ottawa Red Blacks vs. Edmonton Eskimos – Fri. July 17, 2015
  • Mens’ Breakfast – Feb.21, 2015 7:30-9:00AM (General Fellowship, Discussion on Legionnaire’s Constitution)
  • No Regrets  – Testimony by Robert Rogers (January 22 and 24, 2015, St. Maurice Parish, 4 Perry Street, Ottawa)
  • For Greater Glory – Movie Night (December 14, 2013, St. Maurice Parish, 4 Perry Street, Ottawa)

Almansa: A Castle of Dreams and Christian Heroism

Make no mistake. The Lord is calling.

“Both the castle and clouds make your sight focus on the tower, which instills an impression of extraordinary gallantry, dignity and majesty. One gets the idea that from this hilltop, this tower is facing an enemy that appears in the distance. But it faces that enemy with gallantry, as if looking at him threateningly and saying: “Come near and I will crush you: I fear not!””