Gay activists threaten Christians, force them into hiding

Another classic from the “how does same-sex ‘marriage’ affect me” files.

Back when we were fighting against the changing of the definition of marriage, we warned that this would happen. Everybody scoffed.

Told you so.

It was never about equality and tolerance. The masks have come off and everyone can now plainly see that the true end game is to destroy anyone who doesn’t assert that same-sex ‘marriage’ is a good thing. Dissent is not tolerated. Welcome to the new witch hunt.

All in the name of “tolerance”. And the media shows their true colours by showing the Christians as the bad guys, even as the gay activists send them death threats and firebombing threats.

The good news for Christians is that all this works for our good. This Easter weekend should serve as a reminder that the persecutions we endure will increase our glory in Heaven and our virtue on earth if we endure them with patience and embrace the Cross. Our enemies think they’re defeating us, but we’re just growing stronger.

Remember that scene from the very first Star Wars movie when Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi have a light sabre duel? Obi-Wan (dressed like a Capuchin, I might add) says: “You can’t win Darth. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

That’s the basic idea for us too. United with the Cross, our sufferings patiently embraced generate more spiritual horsepower than any lawsuit, blog post or media campaign. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t defend ourselves, but don’t be disconcerted “as those who have no hope”, because even if you fail in this life, your intercession from the next will be overwhelming.

Yes, it can scary. But remember Who you are trusting:

Christ yesterday and today,
the Beginning and the End,
the Alpha and the Omega.
All time belongs to him and all the ages.
To him be glory and power through every age and for ever. Amen.

By his holy and glorious wounds,
may Christ the Lord guard us and protect us. Amen.

May the light of Christ, rising in glory,
dispel the darkness of our hearts and minds.

(Opening of the Easter Vigil)

Nothing is outside His sphere of influence. He always has the last word.

Trudeau has no clothes on niqab

Would Trudeau be comfortable with a hooded Klansman taking the oath of citizenship? Or a Nazi wearing a swastika armband? Or an anarchist wearing a balaclava? Even if you defend the niqab on religious lines, you run up against the fact that not all religious beliefs are defensible. Would it be OK for a man — either Muslim or Christian — to bring his four wives to the citizenship ceremony, because his God says plural marriage is a right?

This isn’t about the right to choose a burka over a bikini. This is about upholding the fundamental values of the country in which you wish to make your home. (Source)

Absolutely. The Catholic Church actually recognizes that the right to religious freedom can’t be exercised at the expense of the common good. What other religion or ideology is so lucid? Why don’t you join us?

Egypt’s new government allows Christians to build new churches, ending years of opposition

Praise the Lord. Some reprieve for our brethren in Egypt.

Egyptian Christians have seen notable gains under the government of President Abd al-Sisi, the spokesman for the country’s bishops tells the AsiaNews service.
Father Rafic Greiche pointed to three new building permits for Catholic churches. He reported that permits for Christian churches were never granted during the rule of former President Hosni Mubarak, nor under the government that followed him, which was dominated by Islamic fundamentalists. (Source)

Last chance to save Ontario’s pro-life doctors

Unless you want to see all pro-life doctors forbidden from practising in Ontario, you’d better move now. See the message below.


Dear Friends,

I have received an urgent request from our pro-life doctors.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) has made it clear that if Catholic doctors do not wish to comply with a patient’s request for assisted suicide or for an abortion, they should get out of family practice. [Note: this will also apply to non-Catholic pro-life doctors]

People become doctors because they are called to a vocation of healing. They are in the business of healing not hurting, of respecting and enhancing a person’s quality of life; Catholic physicians believe in the sanctity of human life. They are not in the business of ending a life, rather they are dedicated to the healing process. With this current ruling, their conscience is of no avail. They are being told to leave their careers behind if they don’t conform with the regulations of the CPSO.

This is an urgent call to prayer. Pray for our Catholic doctors. [And non-Catholic pro-life doctors too. But don’t stop at prayer. See the next line.]

You can also respond by contacting the CPSO. We have until February 20.

The draft policy has been posted to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario web site ( Comments are invited up to February 20.

The CPSO policy committee will review the input and then bring a final policy to the full council of the college in May or June.

Please pass this information along.


Copied below from the CPSO website:

College Launches Consultations on Policies and Transparency By-lawsConsultation Includes Human Rights, End-of-Life Care and Consent to Treatment Policies

Dec 11, 2014

Toronto – The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario today launched a series of consultations on important issues affecting physicians and patients.  The issues include draft policies on Human Rights, End-of-Life Care and Consent to Treatment, as well as a number of by-law changes that could make more information about physicians available to the public.

“The consultations are an opportunity for the public and others to provide the College with insight and feedback to ensure the policies reflect current standards and are consistent with our mandate to protect the public,” said College President Dr. Carol Leet.

Starting today, the public can provide input around proposed new policies in a number of areas, including:

·  Professional Obligations and Human Rights – Sets expectations to provide health services without discrimination, and to accommodate individuals who may face barriers to accessing care. Under the proposed policy, physicians would be required to refer patients to other doctors for services they object to on moral or religious grounds.

. Planning for and Providing Quality End-of-Life Care – Updates the College’s professional expectations of physicians and provides guidance on a range of issues relating to quality end-of-life care. Under the proposed policy, there are new communications guidelines for end-of-life care.

· The updated Consent to Treatment policy sets our expectations of physicians and provides guidance regarding their obligations to obtain consent prior to providing treatment.

Increasing the amount of physician-specific information that is available to the public has been a College priority for more than two years. As part of that initiative, the College is seeking public input on new transparency by-laws that would see additional information posted on the public register, such as information resulting from the investigative process that is not currently public.  The proposal also includes adding information which may be obtained elsewhere, but is not always easy to access, such as criminal charges against physicians and whether they have licences in other jurisdictions.

“While the College has always been a leader with respect to our transparency practices, we believe that providing access to additional physician-specific information may help patients make informed choices and enhance our accountability to the public,” said Dr. Leet.

For more information, and to participate in the consultation, please consult the CPSO website at


Media Inquiries 
Kathryn Clarke
416-967-2600, extension 378

Prithi Yelaja
416-967-2600, extension 402

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario,

80 College Street, Toronto, Ontario  M5G 2E2

Quo Vadis Cardinal Dolan?

Cardinal Dolan has posted a response to the negative reactions his capitulations to the Gay Lobby has produced.

You can read it here.

In my opinion, his response is very disturbing if he really believes what he is saying.  Why?  Because some of the things he believes about the circumstances surrounding this attack on the Catholic Church strikes me as either naïve or willfully blind.

Either way, the coming  years will soon disabuse him of his fantasy beliefs about the Gay lobby.  He’ll have plenty of time to reflect — although have we not lived through enough evidence of the Gay Jackboot to know where this sorry tale is going to end up?  Gay activism is all about demanding and forcing acceptance.  That’s all anyone really needs to know about the faux-tolerance that the rainbow activists push on the rest of society.  And the last vestige of at least FORMAL repudiation remains the Catholic Church.  It’s the last bastion of resistance that they will attempt to overcome.

Here are a few comments which Cardinal Dolan has made that are exceptionally problematic:

However, the most important question I had to ask myself was this: does the new policy violate Catholic faith or morals? If it does, then the Committee has compromised the integrity of the Parade, and I must object and refuse to participate or support it. From my review, it does not. Catholic teaching is clear: “being Gay” is not a sin, nor contrary to God’s revealed morals. Homosexual actions are—as are any sexual relations outside of the lifelong, faithful, loving, lifegiving bond of a man and woman in marriage—a moral teaching grounded in the Bible, reflected in nature, and faithfully taught by the Church.

Ask the wrong question, as Cardinal Dolan does, and you get the wrong answer.  The question that Cardinal Dolan asks is not the relevant question (and there are more than one) in this scandal. The question here is this:  Does Cardinal Dolan’s participation in the parade with a group that openly espouses homosexuality as normal (and even desirable) compromise the Catholic Church’s teaching on the depraved behaviour that these individuals engage in? That’s one question that Cardinal Dolan does not answer.  Does Cardinal Dolan want us to believe that the people marching in this parade think that their behaviour is not morally acceptable? If they really believed it was immoral, then why would they want to show their pride in it by marching?  The mind boggles at the refusal of Cardinal Dolan to examine the logic of his position.

So, while actions are immoral, identity is not! In fact, as the Catechism of the Catholic Church reminds us, people with same-sex attraction are God’s children, deserving dignity and respect, never to be treated with discrimination or injustice.

Since when did the Catholic Church recognize “Gay identity”?  There is no such thing as “Gay identity”.  “Gay identity” is a heretical formulation of the culture of sodomy to carve up the human person and assign an “identity” which is based solely on their sexual conduct.   Identity is distinct from one’s behaviour.  It is rooted in the immutable nature of personhood given to us by God:

So God created humans in his image. In the image of God he created them. He created them male and female. – Gen.1:27

 A person may have sinful inclinations to immoral behaviour, but that is not his or her identity. 

We do not define a person’s identity by any sexual activity, even natural, moral sexual activity.  A person’s identity is rooted in the image and likeness to God and nothing else.

Therefore, the Cardinal should not be recognizing a fiction that the Gay lobby has foisted on him and the culture.  Instead, he should have the courage to call it out as a fraud and refuse to recognize such a demonic teaching.

To the point: the committee’s decision allows a group to publicize its identity, not promote actions contrary to the values of the Church that are such an essential part of Irish culture. I have been assured that the new group marching is not promoting an agenda contrary to Church teaching, but simply identifying themselves as “Gay people of Irish ancestry.”

Does anyone really believe that this group or the army behind it is not promoting an agenda?  Oh please!  Just stop and open your eyes, your Eminence!  Can you not hear the clamour around you as the next assault comes barreling down on your head?!  It’s coming.  St. Patrick’s Cathedral is next.

And, for the record, it appears that the main point is being missed here.  The real battle going on here is whether the Catholic Church (even through a tame proxy like the St. Patrick’s Day Parade) is able to publicly exist in civil society.  Will it be possible, I wonder, to have any public event without bowing down to our Gay masters?  That is what this question is ultimately about.

It appears that Cardinal Dolan has contented himself with allowing the Church to retreat into the proverbial catacombs…except in the future, they won’t be so proverbial.

Instead of squabbling for the scraps that civil society gives, THIS should be the Church’s attitude to confronting the tyranny that awaits us:

Support Doctors’ Freedom of Conscience and Religion

To: The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

Re: Review and Public Consultation of the Policy Guidelines “Physicians and the Ontario Human Right’s Code”


In light of public debate regarding physicians’ rights to freedom of conscience and religion, we the undersigned, urge the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) to uphold policy guidelines that respect the freedom of physicians to practice their profession in a manner that does not violate their conscience or moral and ethical beliefs.

Read the rest and sign.

Supreme Court puts kibosh on Obama’s contraception mandate for closely held businesses

From our friends at Catholic Vote:

Dear CV Friend, 

“Deo Gratias.” 

Thanks be to God. 

That’s what a Catholic business owner who sued the U.S. government wrote me this morning following the Supreme Court decision. 

Specifically, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that closely-held corporations do not forfeit their First Amendment right to religious liberty, and therefore cannot be forced to comply with the HHS ‘contraception’ mandate. 

This means that thousands of private businesses run by Catholics and other people of faith are free to live their deeply held beliefs, and provide quality health coverage without the threat of crippling fines that could ruin their businesses and their lives. 
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