‘Very cold, dark winter’ for Catholic Church unless Synod addresses failure since 1968 to preach sexual teachings – Humanae Vitae preacher

“For four decades and more, the people have not heard the message of the Church on marriage,” McCaffrey said. If the Synod does not address this problem, “we’re going to have a very cold dark winter ahead of the Church,” he predicted.


“The horrible thing today is people have not heard this teaching of Humanae Vitae explained clearly and in a loving way. That’s the real problem,” he said. “And that’s why I say to this Synod: ‘Please send a questionnaire, out to all of the bishops, priests, and deacons of the world, asking them why they are not getting the message of Humanae Vitae and [Saint John Paul II’s] Theology of the Body out to the people in the pews.” Father McCaffrey called the social acceptance of contraception the “root of the problem” facing the Church today regarding the issues of marriage, divorce, and homosexuality.  It’s the root cause, in my opinion, for much of the heartache that the Church has today with regard to marriage.” Homosexuality is “part and parcel of the whole thing,” he said, adding: “Once you separate the unitive from the procreative, you can do anything. You can perform any perverted act that you want. And that’s why this is a root issue.” “That’s why I’m so adamant about proclaiming this, because, if we don’t settle this matter clearly, I don’t see the Synod doing very very much in this area of evangelization in the married life.” “It’s very sad, and it breaks my heart that we have the light, the truth, and why don’t we share it with the people forcefully and lovingly? We are the last hope of the world. Why don’t we get up and bring the message of God to the people?” he asked. (Source)

I tried, folks. I really tried, but very few listened.

The Church hierarchy here did not listen.  The priests did not listen.  And the laity, for the most part, did not listen.

If the Church adopts this scam pastoral heresy that is being floated about, you can think of “dark ages”….because that is all there will be.  Just darkness.

Winnipeg Statement Blues

A couple of years ago while reading Damian Thompson’s blog, I heard about Bishop Kieran Conry in England and of Magic Circle fame.  He was a liberal bishop.  I say he was a liberal because he just handed in his resignation for having a bit on the side during his priestly days.    Not sure why the cat finally decided to leap out of the bag, but usually these sorts of things involve money and sterile sex.

I remember his name because I always remember liberal bishops’ names and especially those who undercut or oppose the Church’s teaching on contraception.  He was one of them.  Here is a money quote from him:

The Bishop of Arundel and Brighton, Kieran Conry, who is responsible for evangelisation in England and Wales, said that enforcing strict teaching on the use of contraception risked turning people away from the Church and said that most practising Catholics had accommodated the teaching while following their own consciences. Speaking on Monday at the launch of a campaign to bring four million lapsed Catholics back to church, Bishop Conry said that Catholics had made up their own minds about contraception and that most were happy to live with ambiguity. “It’s important to remember that Paul VI made it quite clear you follow your conscience,” he added. “Many people may not be happy with what the Church says but it seems this is not turning people away. People make  accommodation.” (Source)

Now, folks, here is the take away from Conry’s comments above:

1. The man is a victim of the Winnipeg Statement:  follow your conscience, paragraph 26.  Damn the Winnipeg Statement to hell. Its effects are still reverberating around the world.

2. Never, ever, trust any bishop who undercuts the Church’s teaching on sexuality (or any dogma).  This man is obviously very confused and let his own personal sex life influence his teaching on sexuality to the flock.  Let me propose this rather stark warning:  any bishop who attacks the Church’s position on contraception should be immediately suspect and not trusted.  Please, I encourage you to share this warning with as many priests and bishops as you can and let them know that the moment they question any of the Church’s teaching on human sexuality will be the moment that the volume level of their speakers gets muted permanently.  Tell them I sent you. If they have a problem with that, send them over here.

3. Notice that the man who was against Humanae Vitae was the point man for the New Evangelization in England and Wales.  What does this tell you about the Magic Circle and where the New Evangelization is going?  If this is the trajectory, I’ll save you reading the book.  The answer is no where.

Clueless in Canada

Canadian bishops share results of Extraordinary Synod consultation

“We don’t want to simply condemn the culture and present what we already have been presenting,” he said. “We have to find new way to present our teaching.”

Indeed. Well, the first step in recovery is admitting the truth of where the Canadian Bishops stand on Humanae Vitae and what led them to this point in our collective tragedy.

At least there is an indirect admission that the bishops have been essentially clueless since Humanae VitaeThe Winnipeg Statement will do that to you.  Stupid is as stupid does and stupid can’t figure out why everything is a mess.  With all these new high-powered social justice bishops, we can expect more of the same, but on steroids.  The future is bright, for sure!

The Pill Shrinks Ovaries

The birth control pill significantly affects ovarian reserve— or the number of immature eggs in a woman’s ovaries— which can be a predictor of future fertility. This is according to a team in Denmark, who reported to the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology annual meeting last month that two markers for the ovarian reserve are markedly suppressed after prolonged birth control pill use: the levels of anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) in the blood, and the number of early (antral) follicles (AFC) in the ovary.  Ovaries are also markedly shrunken after prolonged pill use…(Source)

In every age, the Devil pluck a juicy fruit from the Tree of Knowledge and shares it with humanity.  This particular fruit of contraception (and the Pill specifically) is approaching its “sell by” date.  It was always rotten, but Society did not listen to the old man in white from Rome.  Too patriarchal, you see.  The scientific community and us moderns knew better.

Ditching the Pill

Well, it’s not being done for moral reasons, but still, it’s a step in the right direction.

Who would have thought we would have ever even gotten to this point!?  We’ve got a very long way to go, but it’s a small victory.

Those of us who have been trying – in our own small way – to get the issue of contraception out there should be doing some high-fives — if only to celebrate the decrease in the profitability of the companies who made money off of dead women and sexual immorality.



Taking the Pill ‘raises the risk of breast cancer by 50 per cent’

Women taking contraceptive pills have a 50 per cent higher overall risk of developing breast cancer, a study has found. Some pills with high levels of oestrogen can raise the risk threefold, compared with that of women who have never taken the Pill or who have stopped using it, US scientists found….(Source)

The only thing really left to determine is just how much do women value their own lives vs. their devotion to the god of free sex?

One Non-Religious Person’s Account of Using a Fertility Awareness Method

When I started tuning in to my body’s signals about about fertility, I was absolutely blown away by what I learned. I mean, how did I get to be a grown-ass, sexually-active adult woman without any understanding that the fluid that comes out of your vagina is indicative of where you are in your cycle? I don’t know, but I’m certainly not the only one who operated for the majority of her reproductive life with a serious deficit in basic fertility knowledge: I just explained cervical fluid to two of my friends, who were absolutely shocked. I don’t know why this information isn’t covered in basic sex ed or written about in all those omnipresent women’s mag articles on fertility and contraception. We’re educated about the menstrual cycle and the hormones that play into it, but I don’t think it’s common knowledge that you can really only get pregnant for roughly seven to 10 days each month. It certainly wasn’t for me. (Source)

Lady, lady, lady….the reason that you were unaware is because Big Money wants to keep you clueless and ignorant.   You need to get with the program and realize the bigger agenda here.  It’s not the Catholic Church which wants to suppress this info.  It’s your liberal masters because they are making big money off of the sexually stupid.

Supreme Court puts kibosh on Obama’s contraception mandate for closely held businesses

From our friends at Catholic Vote:

Dear CV Friend, 

“Deo Gratias.” 

Thanks be to God. 

That’s what a Catholic business owner who sued the U.S. government wrote me this morning following the Supreme Court decision. 

Specifically, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that closely-held corporations do not forfeit their First Amendment right to religious liberty, and therefore cannot be forced to comply with the HHS ‘contraception’ mandate. 

This means that thousands of private businesses run by Catholics and other people of faith are free to live their deeply held beliefs, and provide quality health coverage without the threat of crippling fines that could ruin their businesses and their lives. 
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