Pro-abort Justin and Yogi Sophie At We Day

What is the Ottawa Catholic School Board thinking?

Need we recall that Trudeau banned all pro-lifers (and hence all faithful Catholics) from running for his party?

At some point this becomes borderline child abuse to have your kids indoctrinated into admiring the wrong. Any parent understands how hard it is to undo this damage.

At what point does the Church consider an exit strategy for Catholic education?

Ontario’s new sex-ed: 10 things parents need to know

This great video from the Institute for Marriage and the Family gives a quick overview of the problems with the Ontario sex-ed curriculum which took effect in September.

Notice that the arguments don’t have any recourse to religion.  Any sound-minded secularist should be able to recognize the problems.

One point that struck me is that modern neuroscience has found that the teenage brain is not yet fully developed in the areas responsible for risk assessment, impulse control and judgment.  They’re not equipped to make adult decisions about sex.  Now, that may not seem like a great revelation, but it’s nice to see that scientific analysis of the brain’s anatomy has caught up to the sociological evidence of adolescent behaviour.

Go Private or Go Home

From a friend….
A very interesting article recently appeared in the Economist.  It reports on the huge growth of independent schools in poor countries, and the poor state of government schooling there.  This includes the problem of teachers unions, corrupt bureaucracy, etc.
Read it here.

Of course public education is problematic in wealthy countries too,  and many of the critiques are valid here as well.

My favourite quote is at the end of the article and is a good message for Queen’s Park:
“The growth of private schools is a manifestation of the healthiest of instincts: parents’ desire to do the best for their children. Governments that are too disorganised or corrupt to foster this trend should get out of the way.”

The Ashes of Civilization

Ontario bishops’ general secretary has been actively supporting Wynne’ explicit sex-ed

Ontario doctors must refer for abortions, says College of Physicians

My friends, you might be wondering why I have not been too animated about the stories above.  The reason is quite simple.  Outrage without outlet is a waste of time and energy….neither of which we have much of these days.  I’ve bitched and moaned for 12 years, and you know what?  It was not the best use of my time, and it’s not the best use of your time, either.  Sure, it’s important to be angry at such perversion and evil, but if we just sit and do nothing tangible to counter it, what exactly is the point? And I’m not talking about petitions and meetings and letters, etc., etc., etc. to Kathleen Wynne or the ACBO, either.  These efforts are just fruitless. We live in a totalitarian age. We live in age of moral degeneracy and evil….a culture of death and bondage.

So what are we to do?  We live among the ashes of civilization, and when you live among the ashes of civilization, the ruins of a once Christian culture, you do only what you can do:  start building again APART from the established and corrupt order.  You break out and get your own puck.  Play a different game.  Make your own rules.

Now you might say to yourself, “how can I do that?”  I’m not a community organizer like Pacheco is.  Well, maybe you’re not.  But you have something that we community organizers need to make it work:  We need your virtues.  We need your trust.  We need your courage. We need your sacrifice. We need your faith.  We need your hope.  We need all these things pulling us together to fight.  Because without them, we’ll go no where.  But with them, we can start to build a new civilization.

The Community organizing is actually quite easy.  Creating structure, developing a vision, implementing it is actually near the bottom of the barrel as far as where the real success comes into play.  People confuse that with what is actually not easy:  taking a leap of faith, having courage, trusting other people.   THAT is where the rubber hits the road.

Once you’re all willing to do that, just knock on my door, and I’m ready to roll when you are.  I’ve got an idea to save your kids from the sex perverts, for instance, that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, for instance. But you gotta do your part.  Get off the pot and move.

Maryvale Academy celebrates 10th anniversary as private Catholic school

maryvale_galaWhen the founders of Maryvale Academy launched their first academic year 10 years ago, the enrolment was so small the founders faced a $100,000 deficit.

As the first treasurer and co-founder John Pacheco recounted in the program for Maryvale’s 10th anniversary fundraising Gala Jan. 31: “There was no business plan, but there were a few Catholics who were risk-takers, risk takers for God.”

Two weeks before the start of school, the founders sat around a kitchen table having to finalize teachers’ contracts. They agreed each family would be “on the hook” for a portion of the deficit and they all signed. Pacheco said that somehow the money came in and the families did not have to pick up the debt….read the rest here.


Here is the text that I wrote for the program:

God’s Risk Takers

Before Maryvale Academy opened its doors to Catholic families in Ottawa, there were a few memorable and uncomfortable moments.  As the School’s first Treasurer, I remember one day I received a call from an influential gentleman who asked if we had a Business Plan.  And I thought to myself:  “Business Plan? Huh?  We’ve got no business plan. This is God’s business.”  I was caught flat-footed by the question.  There was no business plan, but there were a few Catholics who were risk-takers, risk-takers for God.  We don’t normally associate being a risk-taker with a religious person, do we?  It has a gambling connotation which is not normally associated in the religious context, but in many respects, that’s what it is.  When you walk out in Faith, one always has to put something on the table that you might not get back. That’s the way it was when the Founders sat around a kitchen table with Maryvale’s first year enrolment being so low that we were facing a $100K deficit in the first year with two weeks to go before school started, and we needed to sign the teacher contracts within a few days.  I joked to the others that I didn’t know who I was anymore in this.  Which hat should I put on?  My accounting hat or my Faith hat?  The Faith hat was expensive and we’d all have to ante up if enrollment didn’t pick up.  Faith was expensive and messy.  Certainty and comfort were cheap and clean. MaryvaleAcademy represents everything of what is right with the Church in a sea of cultural and ecclesial confusion and fear. It exists because of the direct sacrificial love by heroic parents who are willing to risk something for the Lord.  The only guy who Jesus condemned was the guy who hid his talent – the guy who didn’t take the risk and who sought comfort at the expense of salvation.  True believers are “all-in” when their hand is called.

+Prendergast: Ontario sex ed curriculum threatens parents’ right to judge ‘immoral’ material

“We know that the proposed program threatens the fundamental right of parents to educate their children in the moral dimension of sexual behaviour,” the archbishop told supporters of Maryvale Academy at the private Catholic school’s 10th anniversary fundraising gala Jan. 31. “Mandatory instruction in the classroom will prevent parents from protecting their children from material they could judge age-inappropriate or immoral.”


“If experience is any guide, and from early indications, the government’s program contains material that contradicts Catholic moral principles,” the archbishop said. (Source)

I must say, I’m proud of how Archbishop Prendergast has spoken out against Wynne’s new curriculum. May God bless him.

Ottawa archbishop rips Wynne’s explicit sex ed plans: a ‘seizure of parental authority’

Thank you, your Grace, for standing up to this government which somehow believes it can impose a degenerate curriculum on our innocent children.

Look who’s the one imposing their values on others now.

The good Archbishop is urging everyone to express their concerns to the Education Minister and Premier Wynne.

A lot of us have often complained about a lack of episcopal leadership. We’ll, now we’re seeing some. This is our chance to put our money where our mouth is and back up the Archbishop:

Education Minister Liz Sandals
14th Floor, Mowat Block
900 Bay Street
Toronto ON M7A 1L2
Phone: 1-416-325-2929
Fax: 1-416-325-6348