Bishop of Hong Kong stands tall on homosexuality

Unfortunately, people are leveraging the Synod and the words of Pope Francis against this faithful bishop.

In view of this, the bishop of Hong Kong called on Catholics to cast their ballot in upcoming District Council elections taking into account candidates’ views on gay rights. [Gutsy but necessary move by the good bishop]

Reactions to Card Tong’s stance has tended to juxtapose his position to that of Pope Francis and the recently concluded Synod, emphasising the need to end discrimination against homosexuals and to highlight the pope’s greater “openness”. [We all know we this was coming, liberals using ambiguous statements to justify their whims]


Pro-abort Justin and Yogi Sophie At We Day

What is the Ottawa Catholic School Board thinking?

Need we recall that Trudeau banned all pro-lifers (and hence all faithful Catholics) from running for his party?

At some point this becomes borderline child abuse to have your kids indoctrinated into admiring the wrong. Any parent understands how hard it is to undo this damage.

At what point does the Church consider an exit strategy for Catholic education?

Pope Francis appoints well-known liberal bishop to major see of Brussels

Are we back doing this again?!?

As late as in 2014, says the French-speaking Belgian daily Le Vif, he was criticized for his lack of firmness and his tardy response with regard to priests who had been implied in sex abuse and reinstated. He also remained silent in June last year when the deacon of Wevelgem was accused of having euthanized a small dozen of patients at the Menin hospital. (Source)


In October last year he tried to assign to active parish duty a priest who had been convicted of molesting a teenage boy, declaring that he (the priest) deserved “a second chance”; only media outrage and the priest’s own request prompted the bishop to cancel the appointment. (Source)

and plenty of other problems:

  – Ordination of women is “negotiable”  (Source), although two years later he allegedly said that the Church is unable to ordain women (Source)

  – Support for unrepentant LGBTs who participate in pride parade (Source)

  – Celibacy should not be required for priests (Source)

Hell’s Bible nails it, again!

Hell’s Bible, aka the New York Times, is no friend of the Catholic Church. That’s putting it mildly. Yet, they’re harbouring a renegade in their ranks, a columnist by the name of Ross Douthat.

Two weeks ago, this faithful Catholic man wrote a powerful article which incisively exposed what was really going down at the Synod.

In classic liberal fashion, a bunch of lefty theologians wrote an op-ed to the NY Times claiming that Douthat should be silenced. Funny how tolerance and freedom of speech can be so elusive for the Left at times.

Douthat has come back with a zinger of a rebuttal which takes the libs to school. He has a knack for breaking through the demagogy and exposing the stinking dung festering underneath.
I agree with everything he says. Everything.

Read the article, along with Fr. Z’s commentary, here.

Toronto cardinal criticizes Wuerl, Rosica for accusing conservative bishops of not ‘liking’ the pope

Cardinal Thomas Collins, the archbishop of Toronto, has criticized Washington Cardinal Donald Wuerl and Vatican spokesman Father Thomas Rosica after the two suggested faithful Catholic prelates really “just don’t like the pope.”

“I don’t know where they’re coming from, either Cardinal Wuerl or Fr. Rosica,” Collins said from Rome in a phone interview with Toronto Star last week. “The Holy Father has been really clear: If you’ve got some concerns you express them. That’s hardly opposing the Pope or something; that’s ridiculous. What do we want, everyone to say nothing?”…(Source)

You know it’s bad when Cardinal Collins has to actually name Rosica and Wuerl. It’s a sign that things are really unraveling.  But it’s not really something that is quite necessary. We’ve been playing this fairy-tale that we all believe in the same things in the Catholic Church, but the reality is that is not the case. The only thing new about this is that now it’s all in the open.  And thanks be to God for that.