Gruesome abortion pics: controversial but effective

From a friend:

November 27, 2015

My name is __________. I am a 38 year old man. About 4 years ago, I was driving into _________________ when I pulled up behind a small moving truck with a giant photo of an aborted baby printed on the back of the vehicle. At the time I remember being disgusted and angry. I thought, how dare someone insert that obscene image into my mind.

Over the next few years with that image seared into my brain, I began to think about abortion, for the first time in my life. Until then, I had absolutely no opinion on the matter. I thought abortion was just a medical procedure like flicking off a light, a biological process was being halted, really before it even began. It was that photo that shattered that naive belief. I began to realize that abortion wasn’t just flushing a small mass of unrecognizable cells out of the body, it was something a lot more disturbing.

Then more time passed and I learned more about the issue. I learned that most people, know very little about abortion, including fetal development, the number of abortions performed in this country, the stages of pregnancy that these abortions occur and the laws dealing with abortion. I was shocked to learn that there are no legal restrictions on abortion at any time and for any reason.

That picture of the aborted baby, was initially very offensive to me, but now, I am grateful for it. Although it has opened up new darker view of the world, it is at least a more accurate view. I am glad there are people fighting for the voiceless.

Methodist, Episcopalian clergy ‘bless’ Cleveland abortion clinic in prayer service

This is what happens when you let feminists become ordained clergy.  The vast majority of them (not all, but most) are liberal and progressive.

Archbishop Durocher wants to allow women to become “deaconesses”.  Good plan, eh?

There were no “deaconesses” in the Catholic Church – ever.  The early Church referred to such women as such because they were the spouses of deacons.  The Archbishop just wants to concoct these positions in order to scratch the itch of male guilt over God’s Word.  Very sad.

Women have their own ministry and power without encroaching on ministries that are exclusively male.

I wonder if it was worth the 3 minutes of fame, Archbishop.

Catholic bishops complicit in scandalous sabotage of the pro-life cause in Canada

Wow. This is explosive.

And just as I was — for a split second — feeling kind of sorry for the Canadian bishops.  If this is not a story that makes the Holy Spirit say, “What fer, Dronebuster?  You were on the right track“, I don’t know what does.

The reality here, folks, is what it has always been.  Until the bishops of this country get on their knees and beg for forgiveness from Almighty God for their decades-long betrayal, nothing is going to change in Canada.  The battle that we face is not political or social or even moral.  It’s spiritual — at least at its foundation.

I remember asking one prominent Canadian bishop to support the Humanae Vitae Conference we held back in 2006.  He told me and my partner who were organizing it:  “You cannot say anything about the Winnipeg Statement.”

And there you are, folks.

2018 will mark the 50th anniversary of Humanae Vitae, and also the 50th anniversary of its treacherous betrayal by the Canadian Bishops.

You might have some platitude in recognition of Humanae Vitae’s anniversary, but it will be crickets where the Winnipeg Statement is concerned. Guar-onteed.

It will take another 50 years before all of the rot in the episcopacy is completely cleaned out in this country, and then, just maybe we can finally take down abortion.

Until then, it’s tragic shame will be a blight on this country and the Church in it.  For shame. For shame.

Archbishop Cupich’s seamless bulletproof vest for pro-abortion politicians

Jessica was aborted against my wishes. And against her mother’s. Though we were both in high school, we were committed to caring for our baby. I had dropped out of school and joined the U.S. Infantry so that I could support my child. But while I was off at basic training, my girlfriend’s father uncovered our plan, and coerced her into a third trimester abortion. Our child died just a few short weeks before she would have been born an American citizen with the protection of all our laws. She was killed at the Masonic hospital in your city of Chicago, during the tenure of one of your predecessors Cardinal Joseph Bernardin. Her father was a friend of the Cardinal’s, and a prominent Chicago Catholic. For years after that, I harbored a potent grudge against Catholics and the Church, whose prelates, politicos and parents I associated with abortion. It might sound irrational to you, but I blamed Cardinal Bernardin. Not him alone, of course. Jessica’s death had many fathers. However, as Chicago’s spiritual father, wearing for that city the mantle of the apostles, Cardinal Bernardin bore unique responsibility for witnessing in public to the sanctity of life. As you do now.

Christ came to give us life more abundantly, but in Cardinal Bernardin’s time (as in ours) major Catholic politicians were serving the cause of death, claiming that they were “personally opposed” to abortion, but wished to leave its victims completely unprotected by the law. Cardinal Bernardin protected such politicians, giving them political cover with his so-called “seamless garment,” which stitched together non-negotiable demands of basic human rights — such as an end to legal abortion — with highly debatable policies for promoting the best interests of poor people and immigrants. Bernardin treated unlike, incommensurate issues as if they were all of equal weight. This allowed pro-choice politicians to cherry pick the body of Catholic social teaching — fishing out the parts from which they could profit politically — and pretend that they were faithful Catholics, or at least no more unfaithful than pro-lifers who differed with Bernardin on immigration or Medicare. Nobody’s perfect! (Source)

Right on.  We need to start speaking up against Bishops like Cupich, a man like much of the “pastoral episcopacy” that is being formed today by Pope Francis and who think that youth unemployment is just as grave as abortion.

This is simply demonic disorientation. Let us not put lip stick on a pig and pretend everything is normal.

Clearly we have a serious problem here which we simply cannot turn a blind eye to. Better to call out misguided bishops, cardinals, and Popes than trying to explain to Jesus that we went along with such nonsense.  Really, folks.  Do not be deceived or rely on distorted allegiances to any religious leader who does not obey the Gospel of Life.

Moral Equivalence for Idiots

In concluding he drew a contrast between life and one of the many issues Cupich had presented as equivalent. “Joblessness? I’ve been unemployed. I’d like to think that upon reading this, you feel a pang of sympathy,” Lawler stated. “But if you would be ‘no less appalled’ to learn that I had been chopped into pieces, and the parts sold to the highest bidder, I’m afraid I can’t count you as my friend.” (Source)

The sad reality here is that a large number of bishops have not only failed us, they have failed rudimentary logic as well.  To equate abortion with joblessness in moral evil is beyond comprehension and stupidity.  The fact that one bishop has to publicly correct another on this simple truth tells you all that you need to know of the sickness that permeates the Catholic Church today.

Planned Parenthood Selling Baby Parts?

Watch the undercover video below. A Planned Parenthood senior executive makes it abundantly clear that some affiliates not only harvest and sell aborted baby parts, but they do so with partial-birth abortion.

This is disgusting.

By the way, partial-birth abortions and the selling of human body parts are both illegal across the U.S. even in this age of liberal madness.

There’s no question that heads should roll and some people should go to jail. If that doesn’t happen, you’ll know just how corrupt the whole legal system has become.

Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On – The Rattling of the Abortion Establishment

This year’s March for Life was another resounding success, with an estimated 25,000 people attending the popular family event.  (Never mind what the CBC reported.  Do you really care or expect any differently?)

There were also a few notable events that occurred this year that bear mentioning.

Bishop Fabbro, who was in the past criticized for being soft on the pro-life witness, stepped up to the plate and exhorted Catholics to stand firm in the face of a hostile culture of death:

“It’s important for us as Catholics, as followers of Jesus, not to be silent,” Fabbro emphasized. “To stand up for what we believe. To stand up, show our solidarity for the vulnerable, the poor, for the unborn, people young and old, people from all parts of our country will be speaking out with one voice: abortion is wrong. “It violates a fundamental human right: the right to life.” “It takes courage to stand up for what we believe. We can count on being ridiculed and silenced. The message we keep hearing from the secular society in which we live is that we have no business bringing our religious convictions into the public square,” he added. (Source)

During the previous evening at the Human Rights monument, one teacher on the front-lines in our Catholic schools related a story of inspiration:

Paul Coates, a teacher from Fr. Austin Secondary School in Whitby, Ontario, told the numerous young people in the crowd to be courageous in defending life. “Don’t take ‘No’ for an answer. Go into your schools and be pro-life.” Coates shared how his decades long effort to create a pro-life environment in his school led to students booing a number of politicians who visited his school one day and admitted they were for abortion. (Source)

And from prison itself, the indomitable and pro-life heroine, Mary Wagner, sent participants words of hope and encouragement:mfl-2014-2

We are entrusted with children as a family but also as a society and we are responsible for them before God. If we are Christians we know that the Commandment to love is not limited to our family, and therefore we must extend our love to others, especially to the most neglected and abandoned. (Source)

Now, with the back-drop of all these inspirational messages and stories, we need to understand that public pro-life witness is not all a bed of roses.  This year, for instance, we were graced with another attempted disruption by FEMEN – the nutty bare-breasted young women who think baring their breasts will advance the abortion argument in their favour.  Strange but true.

But that was not the only thing shaking at this year’s March for Life.  No indeed.  Every year, the abortion edifice becomes a little less stable, a little less solid.  Every year, another nail is popped. Another year, and the public becomes a little less sure of abortion.  In fact, I noticed just that as I walking down Elgin Street during the March. I happened to look to my left and saw three young women who were rather shocked and perplexed…confused even.  Maybe everyone isn’t as pro-choice as the media says they are.  Maybe I need to rethink my views on the subject.  Maybe all these people marching here are on to something. There is something being dislodged in this country, and that something is the grip that abortion has on us.  The slow collapse is not really noticeable.  But it’s there.  Social movements are all about momentum and projection.  And right now, it’s all going our way. We just need to be vigilant and keep at it.

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Abortions plunge in Russia

“The number of abortions in Russia decreased five-fold over the past 25 years, from four million a year to less than 700,000 today,” Komov added. “However, there is still much work to be done.”


When you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up.

Four million per year! My goodness. What a horror. It’s a miracle any babies were born at that rate.

700,000 is still very high. Russia’s population is roughly 4 times larger than Canada’s, but they have 7 times more abortions. Still lots of work to do.