Cash for A Pro-Life Missionary

Some of you might remember Socon or Bust asking for support for a young woman who has decided to commit full time to pro-life missionary work.  With your help and other pro-life support, Socon or Bust has been able to provide an avenue for her to work in spreading the pro-life Gospel here in Ottawa. She’s really on fire for the unborn and she’s making headway in the Evangelical churches in Ottawa, establishing and tapping into networks all over the City.

Earlier in the year Socon or Bust readers helped her raise the money to travel to Florida for pro-life training there.  Now she has been accepted by CCBR in Calgary for several months of training and internship, beginning in May.

So, I’m asking for your help once again.   There’s no overhead here.  It’s just a straight donation to the pro-life cause.

Goal here is $2,000.

If you’re interested, you can make your cheque payable to CCBR and send it to her attention by mail.  Or, if you prefer, you can use their online donation page and simply e-mail me to let me know the amount and the date you donated.

Let’s go, everyone. Game on.  Let’s raise the money.


2 thoughts on “Cash for A Pro-Life Missionary

  1. I happen to be good friends with the young woman in question. I was supposed to go to Florida with her as well. May God bless her as she continue to do his good work <3

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