Carleton University’s Tears & Tyranny Index Page

State Withdraws Charges Against Carleton LifeLine; Censorship U Asks To Be Reimbursed For Trampling On Students’ Rights

Carleton Lifeline Lawsuit Survives Challenge from Censorship U.

Carleton University Claims Carleton Lifeline’s Lawsuit Is Frivolous

Dinner with the Pro-Life “Movers and Shakers”

“Supporting Our Pro-Life Heroes” Banquet

Pro life clubs asks Court to Judicially Review student union’s decisions and policies

Banned pro-life club sues Ontario university

Censorship U. Is Getting Sued

“Choice Chain”: Some Choices Are More Important Than Others to Censorship U.

More lies and obfuscation at Carleton

Brown Shirt Administration @ Censorship U. Threatens Students

Chosen Child Fights for the Unborn

Carleton University Student Union Discriminates Against Students: FCP

Final Tally of the Fee Speech Fundraiser

U of Calgary appeals court ruling, doesn’t want Charter to apply to campus

“Fee Speech” Fundraiser For Arrested Carleton Students – LAST CALL FOR THE CAMPAIGN!


 $10 Can Save A University

Canadians & Americans For Life Together In The Fight Against Censorship U.

Student association aborts pro-life club; University brass goes deadbeat

And the jackboot beat goes on…

Hope for threatened Carleton pro-life club as new motion introduced

Support abortion or stay off campus, club told

Carleton Lifeline Status Revoked

Choice Chain

Message from Carleton LifeLine

Pro-choice universities get body-slammed on Michael Coren show

CCCB Comes To The Defense Of Arrested Carleton Students

More than 2 weeks after the Censorship U. crackdown: CCCB still dithering

Fr. Simon Lobo Steps Up: “You and I are part of the problem”

Publicly Funded Institutions Are Not Intended To Be Feminism’s Personal Fiefdom

Have We Lost Our Focus? A Brief Reflection for the Pro-Life Community (by Stephanie Gray)

Carleton University’s Tears & Tyranny

Censorship U. Continues to Bully Students

Go Ravens!

Right On Ruth [Feature]

Cops at Carleton acted like thugs from a banana republic; let’s contact the mayoral candidates

Official reaction of the CCCB to pro-life students being arrested

Carleton University Just Stepped In It

Hang in there Ruthie!

Censorship U. Strikes Again – What A Disgrace

Join Arrested Student Support Group HERE.

Visit their blog HERE.



One thought on “Carleton University’s Tears & Tyranny Index Page

  1. Novelist Martin Amis calls for,” Euthanasia Booths” on street corners, where elderly citizens can end their lives with, “a martini and a medal,…how can we support this silver tsunami?…There will be a population of demented very old people, like an invasion of terrible immigrants, stinking out the restaurants and cafes and shops.”

    Martin Amis is not alone in wanting to kill the weak and poor. Peter Singer professor at Princeton teaches that a pig is of more value than a child who has a disability.

    The ultimate test of any civilization is how we nurture and care for our young and elderly.

    From abortion ,euthanasia, human trafficking to child pornography, atheistic philosophy taught as the only religion with it’s creation story as truth, in our education establishments is having its way. If we keep on teaching this crap in our schools and universities what kind of society will we continue to have? Germany has been down this road before.

    The Dutch experience should be enough to demonstrate the danger of granting physicians the right to kill their patients. Euthanasia would change the nature of the medical profession itself. Physicians would be cast in the role of killers rather than healers. The Hippocratic Oath was written to place the medical profession on the foundation of healing not killing. For 2,400 years patients have had the assurance that doctors would follow an oath to heal them not kill them. The doctor-patient relationship would change with legalized euthanasia. Medical care would be affected. Physicians would begin to ration health care so that the elderly and disabled patients would not be receiving the same quality of care as everyone else. Legalizing euthanasia would result in less care for the dying rather than better care. Legalizing euthanasia would open the door to anyone wanting the right to kill themselves. Soon as various court precedents begin to broaden the application of the right to die to other groups in society like the disabled or the clinically depressed. Legalized abortion has opened the door for much more evil to come.

    Politics is overwhelmingly important as the politicians we elect pass Bills into Law in our legislatures and Parliament. In a democracy the citizens are responsible for electing and holding those who govern accountable.

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