Carleton University Claims Carleton Lifeline’s Lawsuit Is Frivolous

Carleton University Claims Carleton Lifeline’s Lawsuit Is Frivolous

OTTAWA,ON.  In the case ofLobo et. al. v. Carleton University et. al, Carleton University has brought for a Motion to Strike Carleton Lifeline’s Statement of Claim. The lawsuit followed closely on the heels of Carleton University having Ottawa City Police arrest its students for trespass when they tried to set up a pro-life display last October.

“This is an important case for freedom of expression on campus.” said Albertos Polizogopoulos, legal counsel for Lifeline.” Recently there has occurred many other cases where university students have had their voices silenced.”

 In February 2011, Ruth Lobo and Nicholas McLeod, two members of Carleton Lifeline, the pro life club at Carleton University, commenced an action against Carleton University following the University’s attempt to censor them.

In April, Carleton University responded to Lifeline’s Statement of Claim with a Motion to Strike it on the grounds that it discloses no reasonable cause of action, is scandalous, frivolous, vexatious and an abuse of the court process.

Carleton Lifeline disagrees and will continue to defend their right to freedom of expression vigorously.

If the University is successful in their Motion, Carleton Lifeline’s Statement of Claim will be struck, thereby ending this lawsuit.

The Motion to Strike will be heard in court on June 16, 2011 at 10:00 am. The hearing will be held at 161 Elgin Street it Ottawa, Ontario and is open to the public.

For more information please contact Carleton Lifeline’s legal counsel, Albertos Polizogopoulos: 613-241-2701 –
Mr. Polizogopoulos will also be available for comment after the hearing.

To view footage of Carleton Lifeline’s arrest and for other information, please visit:


So freedom of speech is “frivolous”?   Obviously Carleton is going to fight this case, but to claim it’s “frivolous” is pretty arrogant and dumb.

3 thoughts on “Carleton University Claims Carleton Lifeline’s Lawsuit Is Frivolous

  1. Can justice be expected from a Judiciary that is taught love without meaning (Kinsey Sex Education), and murder without guilt (Abortion), and enforce them by Court Order and police? This is Paganism by establishment. The false Christians, the Nicolaitans let this happen and many go on business as usual still. Very much is known about this group today. When Christianity is taken out of Government, Education and thus Law only Established Paganism remains with it’s Institutions.
    During the Nuremberg War Trials of War Criminals after the Second World War, ten Nazi leaders were indicted for encouraging and compelling abortions. Now The Living Tree Evolving Society interpretation of Law, enables our Justices to make arbitrary decisions just like The Nazi Judiciary did. The Nazi’s made over 400 Laws justifying The Final Solution (The Holocaust). At the Trials They said,” we did not do anything wrong,” and technically they did not break their law, but they broke the Law according to Western Civilization then.
    The only way that Christianity can flourish in this environment is for believers to become like the Christians of The First Century Dispersion from Jerusalem and not conform to Pagan Christianity. We are beginning to be mistreated the same way by The Establishment of Western Civilization today.

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