Carleton University Bans Free Speech

Saw this yesterday:

Hey everyone, I wish I could send this email under better circumstances. Carleton University students Association has just put in a motion BANNING any group who is pro-life from campus. I just came back from the meeting in which this motion was tabled. They are sayign that we are against the Canadian constitution and are saying we violate safe space rules. So i guess everyone can have a safe space UNLESS you are pro-life. Well I guess the fight is on. This motion will be debated and voted on at the meeting next month. After our last crushing defeat at not getting status this shows their view to SURPRESS any view that does not agree with them. What I am emailing you about is this….Carleton Lifeline needs HELP!!! This is big as it is the only university who will espuse this view if it passes. We need all teh help we can get. We need a lawyer, support, lobbying not only the CUSA executive but the school administration aswell. We need to make it clear we will not go down easily and I am prepared to even no recognize the motion if it passes and continue on. Sarah Fletcher and I are ready for this fight. Any ideas, help, plans or contacts that you can give me to help woudl be so very much appreciated. This may set a precident for the rest of the provinces corrupt student unions to try the same thing to oppress teh views of pro-life students on campus. We all need your help!

– Thanks, Nicholas McLeod Treasurer, Carleton Lifeline


This is all very predictable. When the left has no way of winning the argument, they simply resort to what they do best: stifling and muzzling dissent. We have seen it on the gay marriage front and we have seen it in many different ways on the abortion front.

Isn’t it telling that they would resort to this kind of thing? Let’s face it, if your position is the valid and correct one, why would you resort to this sort of thuggery, unless of course you feared that the truth of what an abortion is would eventually get out and the worship of Moloch would end.

Back in 2004, I warned about this in my speech to those assembled on Parliament Hill who were opposing Bill C-250, the so-called “hate crime” bill against gays:

My fellow Canadians, although these words are inscribed on the American Declaration of Independence, no truer or more timely message can be spoken of on Canadian soil. For there is now before us a rise of a veiled totalitarianism which is creeping into our beloved country, seeking to muzzle dissent and debate on vital issues to the prosperity and even survival of this great country.

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