Carleton U: Fascism 101

A freedom of speech debate has erupted at Carleton University over a student council proposal that would effectively shut down a campus group opposed to abortion. The controversial recommendation would deny student association funding and other types of support for campus activities linked to “anti-choice purposes.” It would also assert the association’s position to “respect and affirm a woman’s right to choose.”
“I think this is a dangerous and unproductive motion,” said petition organizer Garnett Genuis, who has so far enlisted the support of 150 students. “They’re bringing this forward in the name of being pro-choice. Yet in the grand scheme of things, they’re anti-choice. They’re against people having the choice to express opinions, the choice to hear alternate perspectives. This is the grand irony.” The Catholic Civil Rights League has denounced the proposal, which has started circulating on blogs that are conservative and call themselves “pro-life.”

Shawn Menard, president of Carleton’s students association, defended the proposed changes, saying they will be debated and likely amended to protect free speech before being put to a vote next week. (Source)


If anyone was duped into thinking that we could have a free society without a firm foundation in Judeo-Christian ethics, the Carleton Student’s University Association is proving this idea to be fictious. By their own standards of “freedom of speech” and “tolerance”, everyone is starting to realize that the left is not interested in those concepts when they are applied universally and liberally. They only apply, apparently, to those who agree with them. Free speech and tolerance? Sure thing. Just make sure that you stay within the boundaries that they set. But you have to wonder whether, in a rare moment of intelligent retrospection, they realize that under that standard, heck, Joseph Stalin would be considered a great democrat. As long as his peons smiled and laughed when he did, everything was just fine. If they didn’t, they would find themselves in a nice, cold cell somewhere in Siberia which is, in effect, what CUSA is relegating people to who don’t submit to their groupthink on moral issues.

The Universities of Canada, with Carleton blazing a path of leftisty thuggery and self righteousness, are showing themselves to be unconcerned with debating issues of relevance to the wider culture. Instead they cower to the demands of unbalanced feminists to suppress legitimate discussion. Does it not occur to them that once this principle of suppressing a legitimate debate happens once, it can happen again and again and again…involving many other issues. What’s next? Are Christian groups going to be targetted? Are self-professed Christians to be allowed to attend the University in the future? What about other religions? What about other causes that don’t fit the politically correct shoes of the champagne liberals at Carleton University?

As for the so-called “pro-choice” groups who initiated this whole disgrace, it is a clear sign of their own cowardice in not being able to defend their position. This whole broohaha was precipitated by a women’s group who became nervous that 200 students would actually want to hear the other side of the abortion debate. Ya know, something different from what the establishment rams down their throat 24 hours a day. Being cowards and thugs, they appealed to CUSA to clamp down on this dangerous freedom of speech idea. This shows that the pro-abortion side is desperate to hold on to their bankrupt morality being forced down the throats of Canadians and university students in particular. They know that as science reveals more and more about the humanity of the unborn, they don’t stand a chance when the cat is let out of the proverbial bag.

In a democracy, we believe that the truth of a proposition will eventually win over the hearts and minds of its citizens. Therefore if a culture is in error on a particular issue, democracy provides the means to effect change. On the other hand, totalitarianism, like the one being advanced by CUSA and Carleton University by extension, stops that change from ever taking place and therefore threatens the civilization itself because it cannot adjust to something which would otherwise be acknowledged to be objectively harmful to the person and to the culture. This is the reason why totalitarian regimes and cultures fall. They do not permit voices of reason to impact the culture and therefore correct their erroneous thinking. If CUSA is right about abortion, then it has nothing to fear. If it is wrong about abortion, it has everything to fear, including the very reason we have a university system.

The great irony in this whole sad episode is that universities, at least in modern times, have always been at the forefront of advancing freedom of speech and tolerance ideals. Carleton University, should this motion pass CUSA and not be revoked by the Administration, will officially be more repressive and intolerant than Canadian society at large. This ominous trend will eventually seep into Canada’s politics and start to relegate people of faith and life to second class citizens – not being able to hold office or participate in national debates on issues that mean something to them. And should the issue of abortion or other moral issues be the REASON why Canada is facing a serious moral, demographic, and cultural decline, the country will have cut off the only way to access a remedy for its ills: a healthy and respectful dialogue on the very issues which threaten Canada’s social and cultural institutions.

Carelton University and the other Universities who sanction such rank hypocrisy are precipitating the Canadian decline into full fledged moral dicatatorship. Democratic deficit at Carleton U? Oh please. That’s so yesterday!

They should be ashamed of themselves.

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