Caritas Canada under fire over Asian NGO funding

Activists have criticized Canadian Caritas organization Development and Peace over funding for Bangkok based Focus on the Global South NGO, which is accused of promoting abortion and contraception in the developing world.

The group, which admits that one of its main sources of funding is the Canadian Catholic bishops’ official development arm, has also repeatedly criticized the Catholic Church  for its stance on “reproductive choice,” Lifesite News reports.

Bangkok-based Focus on the Global South (FGS) was founded in 1995, and works in Thailand, India, and the Philippines.

Lifesite News says the group is a co-signatory of a March 2010 statement for the International Day of Women, which states: “We are daughters, sisters, mothers, marching to assert our rights over our bodies and claim our entitlement to public and reproductive services, in the face of greater impositions from the church, religious fundamentalisms and even the state, which choose to decide for us, and even worse, decide to deny us the right to choose.”

FGS’s founding director and current senior analyst, Dr Walden Bello has been a vocal advocate of the Reproductive Health (RH) bill that has been vigorously opposed by the Filipino bishops, Lifesite News says.

FGS’s website features a February 2010 article by Bello in which he accuses the bishops of conducting a “massive campaign” of “systematic disinformation about the bill.”

In his article, Dr Bello writes that, “One religious denomination arrogates to itself the right to speak for all religions and to veto the opinion of other religious organizations on reproductive rights.”

Lifesite News also quotes FGS senior associate Nicola Bullard as stating that at the UN’s “women’s and population review conferences, a great deal of political energy was spent simply maintaining a minimal line on reproductive choice in the face of the reactionary onslaught from the US and the Vatican.” (Source:CathNews Asia)

Thank God for the internet. 

By the way, why would Caritas Internationalis want to be affiliated with Development and Peace any longer

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