Cardinals blocking Pope Francis move on gay and divorced Catholics ‘unaware’ of real life – Bishop

I don’t believe we asked for your opinion, Vicar.

If the good Anglican vicar wants to lecture the Catholic Church on “real life”, perhaps he should instead recall the almost complete free-fall of Anglicanism’s numbers because of the botch-up they’ve had with the gay question, never mind the doctrine that started their religion — adultery and the DISSOLUBILITY of marriage.   How any Anglican can show up at this conference with a straight face is beyond me.

It’s a bit rich that this poor man chastise those stuffy Curia Cardinals with “real life” when “real life” has been anything but merciless on that Communion precisely because they have capitulated.  Good grief.

Someone should have a chat with this “observer” and let him in on Anglicanism’s “real life”.


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