Cardinal vs. Cardinal

At long last, we find a bit of spine (and logic) in some of the faithful Cardinals in Rome.

Speak now.  And do it with the full vigour and responsibility that your office demands!

Fight dammit and blast the stupid diplomacy and deference.  There’s way too much at stake!

The work of the Devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, and bishops against other bishops.  – Akita (approved apparition)

Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that if marriage were overturned tomorrow, the vast majority of the Episcopacy in this country wouldn’t bat an eye?  Rolling with the punches is a phrase I just can’t get out of my head in that eventuality.  You know, for the sake of our faux unity for pastoral sensitivity. 

Speaking of practical and – ahem – “pastoral” effects, I wonder how all those dolt Catholics who forsook second “marriages” for the sake of the Kingdom are going to feel?  Maybe, instead of the useless and stupid surveys the Vatican is collecting these days, it can take a real one and learn what the effect of this disastrous diddling is going to do with REAL faithful Catholics who live celibate lives after broken marriages.  What about them and their sacrifices?

What do we say in response?  Ah well, sorry about that.

I remember hearing from one young man recently – rock solid Catholic – when I pointed out the shenanigans going on in Rome.  “If they do that”, he says, “I’m leaving.”  Just like that.  No apology or excuse or fraudulent “nuance”.   It’s not all lovely roses that Kardinal Kasper is proposing, you know.

I told him not to worry, but I am now starting to wonder if the regular Joe Six-Pack really buys the distinction between doctrine and a largely fraudulent pastoral sexual provision.  It’s a hard sell, and frankly, I’m not going to be the salesman for it, either.

I’m sure many of my contemporaries share my sentiment:  You’re on your own, boys. 

Eucharist, Confession, Last Rites and then exit stage right for me.  And it’s really going to do wonders for the NU Evangelization, donchaknow.

So, uh, what exactly are we converting to now that doesn’t already exist in the greater culture for all intents and purposes?

As for the rest, Bob’s your uncle and where’s the nearest pub?

This man’s canonization can’t come none too soon.  Don’tknowwhatchagottillitsgone.


4 thoughts on “Cardinal vs. Cardinal

  1. In a Western democracy like Canada, the voting public is responsible politically for the Laws of this land, because what is legalized then becomes a legal, and moral human right that is then normalized, by adult teachers, Media Moguls etc. of the now legalized criminal activity to innocent Canadian schoolchildren, by right. My fellow Canadians please don’t remain politically apathetic and indifferent as future Canadian generations of impressionable schoolchildren, are being indoctrinated in public schools, and by The Popular Media to accept morbid behavior as normal.

    The Media Moguls, CBC etc. program now legalized morbid behavior to everyone; using individuals who are activists in these groups of unhealthy behaviors to the Canadian public, including children, and youth. It is not rocket science that diseases that were restricted to sodomites etc. are now also infecting Canadian Schoolchildren.

    The Clergy, Bishops, Arch etc. and Government officials who meet with concerned Teachers and Parents groups about this, but do nothing officially, except they remain very polite and nonchalant. I can’t respect, or elect people such as these regardless of what they say, as long as they do nothing. Their kind of talk is cheap. Baa,baa.

    As Canadian voting citizens we can organize; then make a political and legal difference, because concerned citizens, our parents, grandparents, mentors who preserved this democracy to be righteous showed us how to do this. Don’t blame anyone else for your apathy concerning The Trouble With Politically Correct Corrupt Canada. What are you going to do to make sure your politicians don’t continue to pass rotten Bills into Canadian Law? Politics is the reflection of the culture. In The New Testament ,the word Church referred to parties of believers, not the apathetic and indifferent. The ones who were Church turned the world 180 in a manner of speaking, by their Acts, in a World and Nation such as this. What hiders you?

  2. It appears a schism is upon the Catholic Church. The smoke of Satan has indeed infiltrated her. We will have to hold on for dear life to the two pillars of the Church: the Mother of God and the Eucharist.

  3. In 1409 The Council of Pisa elected Alexander V as POPE, but there was already a POPE in Avignon, Benedict XIII and also one in Rome, Gregory XII. This schism of three Popes was the beginning of all Christian schisms.

    Protestantism was born and even more schisms were created. When faith in Christ is divided the Secular Pagans take more ground. They normalize Kinsey Sex Education including homosexuality as a human right to Kindergartners, and democratically elected Secular politicians fly the flag of Sodom and Gomorrah over Canadian, American and European City Halls.

    The Homosexual Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister addressed the United Nations, concerning the normalization of homosexuality to all the schoolchildren of the World, as a human right, like Canada does. The C B C and Western Media Moguls also normalize and promote Secular Morality to everyone.

    Our first concern ought to be Political Unity to clean up our own back yard. Prayer ought to strengthen us to make a political stand where Bills are passed into Canadian Law. When rotten Bills are passed into Law and normalized to Kindergartners,by right isn’t the voting public to blame? Canadian Children are depending on you to stop forcing evil being taught to them by adult activists in public schools,as a human right.

  4. You are right we didn’t know what we had under John Paul II or Benedict XVI. We were not worthy of these great men.
    I pray for Pope Francis, but I don’t know why all this liberalism is coming back to the forefront. He must reign in the renegade German bishops, he must limit the influence of some of his group of 8 cardinals whose actions have been questionable, eg. Omalley getting a blessing from a female protestant minister, Maradiaga insulting the head of the CDF publicly for defending church teaching on marriage. We badly need our Holy Father to clearly defend the hard truths of the faith, stop liberal liturgical abuses and enunciation of bad theology. We all need to pray for him daily.

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