Cardinal Turkson Shakes Things Up At the Synod

One bishop at the synod asked about the spurious video shown was less critical, telling the National Catholic Reporter: “At least it got us talking about something more important than what order confirmation and first communion ought to be in.” (Source)

Cardinal Turkson (and the video that he speaks of) is more right than he  is wrong.  He really shouldn’t back down from the general thrust of his message. (Here is the video in question).  Maybe it will wake up many of these bishops who live in ivory towers.  Islam is growing and the demographics don’t lie.

As Steyn points out,  when you have 20% of a population that’s all hot to die for their Religion and you have 80% flabby secularists, just exactly who are you going to place your bets on?  Has anyone seen what happens when you put up a video that is critical of Islam or Muhammed?  And this is now…just exactly what sane or cogent person would argue that this situation is going to get better in 10 or 20 years?  Have you lost your mind?

My goodness, our Catholic Church better wake up and figure out who exactly it is that we follow.  Do we want to be dhimmis or do we want to remain free in Christ?  Our poor bishops just don’t get it.  Lots of talk but no gravitas of what’s going on on the ground…except for a few prelates like ++Turkson.

I also note that our favourite media cleric is all hot to chime in:

“I think it would be fair to say that several in the room questioned the veracity of the facts followed by, ‘who can this be attributed to?’ and ‘who actually wanted this film to be shown?”‘ said Father Thomas Rosica during a press briefing on the synod. (Source)

Why do I find myself on the other side of almost every issue from Fr. Tom Rosica?  I hope Cardinal Ouellet is paying attention to this man’s scary and conspiratorial accusations.  Does not anyone care enough about his career to pull him aside and tell him to stop being such a shameless propagandist for the don’t-rock-the-boat-with-any-anti-Christian-force-in-the-world crowd?  Is there really no one he won’t appease?

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