Cardinal Schonborn’s Balloon

A fine post by Theology of Dad on the ++Schonborn’s bizarre decision to allow a practising homosexual to sit on the Pastoral Council.  The Cardinal, you see, was impressed by the young man’s comportment and stature.  The Cardinal had an enjoyable lunch with the aspiring Councillor and his partner.  From all news accounts, they had a swell time:

Cardinal Schöenborn says he had at first planned to support the priest, but reconsidered after a lunch meeting with the man, Florian Stangl, and his homosexual partner, with whom Stangl lives in a registered domestic partnership. (Source)

Colin makes a really good point here:

Someone who is openly defiant about Church teaching re. contraception is no different from a homosexual who is openly defiant. This is the sort of nonsense that actually makes us bona fide bigots: we persecute homosexuals but not heterosexuals who defy Church teaching. No doubt Cardinal Schonborn took one quick look at the parish councils in his diocese and realized this.


I’ve been saying for years on this blog that homosexuality, in and of itself, is NOT the problem.  Although our opponents accuse us of being “homophobes”, the truth of the matter is that we are not homophobes because the Church is not simply against homosexual acts but against ALL CONTRACEPTIVE ACTS.  As I said in this discussion:  “The Catholic faith cannot support homosexual acts because they are a species of contraceptive sex.”  That is why it is laughable to hear the “bigot” charge by the Leftists. You can only be a bigot against a person or a religion.  You can’t be a bigot against an Act.

The Church sees homosexuality as a threat to society which it is.  But in order to really fight against it, it has to address the root of the problem and not the stem.   That’s why homosexualists are winning this fight:  they’re groovy with contraception as they are with sodomy. They’re consistent with their beliefs.  But those of us in the Church – most pewsitters – might have a problem with homosexuality but are not willing to concede that the condom in our wallet is part of the same contraceptive problem.  And the bishops don’t want to put up a fight against homosexuality because they don’t want to fight contraception.  They know the deal.  We have a compromised witness. And that’s why we are losing.

God will not grant us a cheap victory, a victory based on empty platitudes and vapid declarations.  No political “strategy”, no bureaucracy, no “teaching resources” is going to fix it.   He’ll grant us the victory when we get real, when we get genuine, when we pull that condom out of the wallet, rip off the wrapper, blow it up, put it on the end of Cardinal Schonborn’s string, then cut that damn string.


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