Cardinal Pell Blows the Lid off of what they really want

Cardinal Pell also states that just 3 of the 10 small groups were in support of Cardinal Walter Kasper’s proposal to allow for some divorced and remarried Catholics to receive Communion, calling that proposal a “stalking horse”. He indicated that Kasper’s proposal was just the “tip of the iceburg,” an attempt to open the door to even more radical measures: “They want wider changes, recognition of civil unions, recognition of homosexual unions. The church cannot go in that direction. It would be a capitulation from the beauties and strengths of the Catholic tradition, where people sacrificed themselves for hundreds, for thousands of years to do this.” (Source)

This is exactly why the Pope needs to be confronted and told firmly what is at stake here:  it’s schism, pure and simple.  The Faithful will not accept it….whatever sugar-coat is proposed, we will not accept.

If the Synod proposes anything which smells of recognition of civil unions, the consequences will be disaster for the Church.  It will decimate her as it has decimated the various Protestant confessions who have tried it.

Stupid is as stupid does.  Sin makes you stupid.  Isn’t that what Mark Shea says?  And there’s a whole lot of sin goin’ on at the Synod.

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