Cardinal Ouellet is getting down to business

“…The three forced departures in seven months have no precedent in recent years and suggest an increasing preparedness to intervene on the part of the Pope and his new prefect for the Congregation of Bishops, Cardinal Marc Ouellet. The previous prefect, Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re, was an uber-liberal…” (Source)

God sent Canada a huge blessing by having Benedict appoint Cardinal Ouellet as Prefect of the Congregation of Bishops. 

He’s a gonna fix it uppa Quebec, I’mma tellin you!

He’s also has to be a front-runner to succeed Benedict.  In fact, he’s got to be considered the #1 choice at this point.

A Canadian Pope, eh?  God owes us one for the Winnipeg Statement bishops and what we’re going through now with their successors.  So then we can be even, I figure.

2 thoughts on “Cardinal Ouellet is getting down to business

  1. The Church is indeed very blessed to have CardinalOuellet in this influential position.
    It is very hard to predict the next Pope. No one at all predicted John Paul II as even in the running. The Holy Spirit does Her own thing. The usual political forces have very little to do with it.

  2. Thank God for Cardinal Ouellet!!! It would indeed be wonderful to have him be the next pope and if it is God’s will , he will be—-
    And I think we refer to the Holy Spirit as “he” do we not?

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