Cardinal O’Malley Wrong Again

Remember Cardinal O’Malley? He is the Archbishop of Boston who gave the most notorious pro-abort politician in the history of the world, Ted Kennedy, a fond farewell in a gala funeral.

True to form, he is now allowing in children of gays into Catholic schools.

There is an argument for permitting this, but if you think it through, the negative consequences far outweigh any advantages.

And of course, I’m not surprised that Cardinal O’Malley has let this slide while Chaput got it right.

When one swings with the high fliers, Yo Yo Ma, and the rest of the political class, it starts to affect one’s pastoral judgements.

Cardinal O’Malley is a very confused prelate.  And he doesn’t have much vision either because he is ushering in the end of Catholic education in Boston.  Once again, Cardinal O’Malley is proving that the rot and corruption has reached the highest levels in the Catholic Church.

I mean, who would dare question a prince of the Church whose wisdom and knowledge of the Catholic faith are unapproachable and should be accepted without question?

I’m sure all faithful Catholics will appreciate their kids learning about the two mommies and two daddies when it comes time to discussing what everyone did on Summer Vacation. 

(Oh..and don’t even ask about what’s happening in Ontario Catholic schools on this front.  You don’t want to know. Do you even have to ask?)

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