Allegations against Cardinal O’Brien

Story here.  (cursor down a bit).

If this turns out to be true – and remember these are still allegations – it will put a whole new focus on what kind of Pope we need.  It’s a bit fishy that all of these claims happen right before ++O’Brien is going to Rome for the Conclave. Shades of the abortion machine in Ireland over that pregnant woman who died and who could have been “saved” by abortion.

I wonder what it’s going to take for the Church to get serious about Humanae Vitae.

When the bishops apostacized on contraception, all sterile sex became about entertainment.

I trust no bishop (at least in this country), except the Bishop of Rome.  But I do trust that a noose awaits many of them on the other side.

I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop here in Canada.  Come on out, boys, you know the closet door can only be shut for so long.

One thought on “Allegations against Cardinal O’Brien

  1. The bizarre thing about these accusations is that all the alleged victims were adults. It becomes much harder to wrap one’s head around their silence for so many years.

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