Cardinal O’Brien Admits to Sexual Misconduct; Exit Not Good Enough

Cardinal Keith O’Brien of Scotland has confessed to some unspecified sexual misconduct. Without mentioning the accusations against him, he said:

However, I wish to take this opportunity to admit that there have been times that my sexual conduct has fallen below the standards expected of me as a priest, archbishop and cardinal. (Source)

“As a cardinal” would seem to imply misconduct since 2003, when he was elevated to the rank of cardinal by JPII. That would be pretty recent. And now the cardinal has retired and expects to live quietly outside “the public life of the Catholic Church,” as he put it.

It mustn’t end this way.

For starters, as anybody can see, he remains very much in the public life of the Catholic Church, making daily headlines. The public won’t let it go (nor should they) until the matter is fully investigated and justice is brought upon him.

Sun News is reporting that Cardinal Marc Ouellet may have played a role in forcing him to resign. A spokeswoman for the Archdiocese of Quebec said this:

“The fact that Cardinal Ouellet and his team were able to verify the allegations and to get one of the most important Catholic Church figures in Britain to resign, and in less than three months, is considered a masterful tour de force by some observers,” she said. (Source)

That may be a tour de force by Vatican standards, but it’s not good enough. Nor should it be the final word. A full inquiry must be held.

More generally, the Vatican needs to develop a better “exit strategy” for wonky clerics, not just sexual predators but also dissenters. Until this is solved, the problems in the Church will never end. I don’t believe the biological solution will be effective because the dissenters currently in the Church keep promoting their buddies to high positions, thus perpetuating the “mafia” that others have uncovered. It could take a century or more if we rely solely on the biological solution.

What we really need is a better mechanism whereby the Vatican can yank wonky clerics even if they’re being promoted by other wonky clerics. The pope should be able to fire a guy like Fr. Raymond Gravel even if his bishop seeks to protect him (take down the bishop too).  This is long overdue. Unless the new pope gets this done, we’ll be spinning our wheels and the media will continue to feast on our misery, like shooting fish in a barrel. So much hinges on this, since the new evangelization is also being stunted by the scandalous image of the Church. We have to start from the beginning. And soon.

One thought on “Cardinal O’Brien Admits to Sexual Misconduct; Exit Not Good Enough

  1. How does the saying go, i”insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. I go one step further by saying the results increase either for the better or if the behaviour continues to be such that it is out of the Will of God ,for the worst for ,He Is In Control , and after He has let us have our “way”(so we think- us arrogant simple humans who cannot even breathe unless He Wills it), He says enough is enough . Mercy is available for sure IF we are contrite and try to amend our lives so that we can be doing His Will.

    However this travesty of “justice” by some in high places, this just moving this Cardinal elsewhere without him owning fully and accounting for what he has done publicly, sets a terrible example of what so-called “Excellencies”, and others with high names should be doing, especially in light of everything and the Homo-Mafia part of the evil that runs deep, and even deeper in the Vatican. Read the Devil’s Final Battle, and False Friends of Fatima, IS just a part of ALL the ugly arseanl that is attacking God’s On and True Holy Catholic Church. This homo-mafia is just a division of the full scale war being wrought on the inside by those who seek to destroy God’s Most Holy and Magnificent One and Only Catholic Church. It is all unravelling for them though and they cannot keep hidden what God is and Will continue to bring to the Light, just like He said He would.

    Can one imagine just for a moment if an ordinary person, say a teacher or coach was found out to be guilty of the horrific crime of sexaul misconduct, when in a positon of where they are supposed to be trustworty and responsible and above all and example of honor and a protector of what is good and honorable, was just moved around to another school, instead of being brought to a place where he must be made accountable for his crime …at least by hearing the impact of such crime on his or her victims and their families?

    We should be all praying prayers of exorcism against the evil in the high places in The Catholic Church and ask God to bring to light all deception that has been hiding in the dark as long , and only,as God allowed it to. We should be praying many Rosaries, attending Confession very regularly and spending as much time as we can in Contempaltive prayer in front of The Blessed Sacrament and in Adoration. I think we are not telling God how grateful we are a lot of the time, nor are we showing HIm or Our Blessed Mother Mary how grateful we are by how we live and love, and honour the 1st Commandment as well as the Second We are not praying enough. We must pray and demand that the Catholic Church does what Jesus said It is to do!!!!NOthing Less will do or suffice.
    I firmly believe that if enough Catholics informed themsleves of the Truth of the dark going ons in the Church and in high place trickling down into local Parishes and all else affected by the domino effect, than we would be far more effective, and of course God says we are accountable to inform ourselves, by educating oursleves, especially when the Voice of God gets so loud inside us saying something is just NOT right here, and has not been for SOME tiime.
    If one really wants to know then just ask The Holy Spirit, and and He Will tell You how to attain a pure mind and heart, that is reserverved for Him and Him alone, and He will try to help us make sure we make sure we are right with God, that is IF we are Willing. The same Holy Spirit will tell us everything we aks HIm for He never lies and is the Bearer of ALL Truth He is only too willing to tell us what we must do, both on a communal level as well as on an individual level, to bring about what He Desires as well as Our Blessed Mother Mary

    There is no time to lose, and there is nothing more important to do, because souls are being fought for, babies are dying by the second from abortion, and so on and so on and it would take 5 minutes !5 minutes for Our Blessed Mother Mary’s Immacualte Heart to be consecrated to Russia if the Bishops
    agreed to comply with Her Request that She made at Fatima so many years ago. (No contrary to the dissenters, and the deceivers in high places,…. the Promises and Messages of Fatima is not and has never been “OVER”. This all important request from Our Blessed Lady has been lied about by so many, in high places, and needless to say is of course is also Our Blessed Lord and Saviour’s request, since She only askls from us what He first tells Her. She promise Peace in the World if this was done, (not some fake counterfeit peace…but Real Peace, and if it is not complied with ,She also promiosed that all the errors of Russia would spread throught the world, many wars would break out of all kinds, and nations would be obliviated. What further proof is neccessary. Look around people, and by all means pray for peace but do not expect any REAL and lasting peace till we comply with Her Who only does what He tells Her. Why are we not doing the same?

    Thank You Father, Son and Holy Ghost
    and I love and adore on y You and thank You Blessed and Immacvualte Virgin and Mther Mary for all Your Intercession
    on our behalf

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