Cardinal Nichols hopes ‘valuing’ language will return to next Synod doc on homosexuality

…Asked if he expected that the next session of the Synod would insert the language he was hoping for, Nichols responded, “I would hope so. And I would expect a similar level of honest, open, pensive and very, very charitable exchange of views in order to discern a way forward.” Nichols added that the “views” of “traditionalists,” those who opposed the language of “valuing and accepting” homosexuality, were listened to by the pope and the Synod. It was widely reported that a significant majority of the Synod’s bishops were alarmed at the tenor of the mid-term relatio and the general direction of the proceedings on the issue of divorce and remarriage and homosexuality. Traditionalists, Nichols said, “are people who have a very profound dedication to the Church, who give their life to the Church and see, in their understanding of the coherence of faith, continuity with the tradition to be very, very important. That’s a very proper part of being a Catholic.” But “so too is being open to the [Holy] Spirit,” he added….(Source)

Being open to the Holy Spirit.  Can you believe it?

You know with a liberal, it’s all about the dialogue and the exchange and the sharing of ideas….except when at the conclusion of the sharing and caring the decision goes against them.  And then?   Then you’re just a homophobe and the sharing and caring ends.

I’m thinking everyone who can afford a plane ticket to Rome next year should buy one, and we should crash the joint.  If someone asks us to justify our actions, we just say:  “We’re doing the work of the Holy Spirit.”

And, we would too!

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