Cardinal Martini Is Dead

Cardinal Martini, the progressive prelate of Milan, has died.

I will pray for his soul, but I won’t be celebrating his ministry or his accomplishmentsHe did a lot of harm to the Church.  Of course, he was very careful and nuanced in his comments during his “career” so as to be able to defend himself, if he was ever accused of departing from the Faith or dissenting or opposing the Holy Father.  He was very shrewd and slick. That much, I’ll grant him.

He was particularly stinging in his attacks over the past several years, even recently as he was approaching his own death.

I hope that the Lord has mercy on his soul, but I won’t be pretending to gloss over his veiled attacks on Catholic orthodoxy, including Humanae vitae.

There will be no wringing of hands at his passing here at Socon or Bust.  It’s one less thorn in Our Lord’s side.


4 thoughts on “Cardinal Martini Is Dead

  1. Well, considering the times we live in, I think that’s a great irony and accomplishment.

    The problem with progressives is that they think that “moving forward” is something to do no matter what…even when the end of the cliff is in sight.

    Let me fill you in on a little Eureka. The Catholic Church has been around 2000 years when every form of government and kingdom has come and gone. If you were inclined to place your bets, where would you place them?

    Jesus preserves His Church. He doesn’t preserve anything outside of it. And history proves it. So being “200 years” behind the times is a laughable criticism considering that the hip “movers and shakers” today will be tomorrow’s nobodies.

    Within your lifetime, it is very possible that what was once the Republic of the United States of America will be no more – thanks to the rise of Sodom and the murder of the Innocents.

    Learn and understand what Napolean said: “Kingdoms rise and fall. The Church alone remains”.

    He was right.

  2. Its pretty sad hat Fr. Rosica canonized Cardinal Martini in that CCCB press release, stating unequivocally that he’s in heaven. Given Cardinal Martini’s track record in recent years, a more cautious tone was called for.

  3. You caught that too, eh, Steve? We cannot say that even about people who were REALLY holy on this earth – at least not before the Church confirms it. We may say we have “hope”. But, let’s not get too picky about these things. Liberals have no problem bending the rules when it suits them.

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