Cardinal Kasper Beclowns Himself…Brings Disgrace on the Catholic Church

The fact that this man is a Cardinal is scarier than what he says.  What kind of “serene” theology is this?

And, really, I am hardly surprised the CNS would put out this drivel. Catholic Establishment Media strikes again.

Sad. Very sad.

On the other hand, hopefully this man will be the next Pope and put an end to this sad spectacle. The silver lining in this is that because of this confusion, the Cardinals will bring in someone who is going to lay down the law.

3 thoughts on “Cardinal Kasper Beclowns Himself…Brings Disgrace on the Catholic Church

  1. I agree, John. This is disgraceful from CNS.

    People would feel offended to be told it’s adultery, eh? Weren’t those Jesus’ exact words?

  2. What would the people of Sodom and Gomorrah do to their Priests, when ofened by them?Living in The so-called “neutral”Secular West by the tenets of This State Sanctioned Worldview/Religion effects everyone.These tenets are legally and politically enforced as so-called politically correct human rights, by adults starting with Kindergarteners.Politicians pass Bills into Law,and when forced by the public to change rotten Supreme Court Of Canada decisions,they overrule The Supreme Court Of Canada,as they were forced by the upset democratic voting public to do so between 2005-2008.This was led by righteous Canadian citizens who informed the public with their own efforts,not by The Church or The Popular Media.Most are still politically apathetic,indifferent and complaisant.

  3. Maybe Cardinal Burke’s demotion wasn’t such a bad thing… now he can say more stuff like this!

    What infuriated me about Cardinal Kasper’s interview was how sin was treated like some pesky after thought. As if the adulterous union could magically made non-sinful by the Church’s fiat.

    And I think about the spouses and children who were wronged by divorce. The adulterous spouse renounces his vows, but hey, no biggy!

    (Not to mention that God was lied to in the process.)

    The sin doesn’t stop just because we want it to.

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