Cardinal Heroes of the Synod

You know, I have been thinking a lot about some of the great Cardinals who stood up at the Synod and asserted themselves.

Burke, Napier, and Pell are probably the most prominent.  Burke has gotten a lot of attention because he has been the most blunt and outspoken, and the African Cardinal was just so sweet to have there making fools out of the Appointed Ones, especially in light of  Kaiser’s KKKasper’s imperialism.

But, for me, I think Pell takes the prize for the gold medal. The whole pounding of the desk and staring down Baldiseri and, really, if we are honest, the Pope himself.

There’s only one way to stop this. Cardinal Pell, it’s rumored today, stood up during the proceedings on Thursday when the Synod leaders seemed to have decided on their own authority not to publish the reports of the small groups, presumably because they were uniformly tough on what’s been too soft. He slammed his hand on the table and said, “You must stop manipulating this Synod.” That forced a general vote – and the reports were published. (Source)


Pope Francis has a revolt on his hands from his own bishops lead by one of his trusted advisors, Cardinal Pell
Pell and others insist that the synod stop being manipulated and that the reports from discussion groups be published.
Pope Francis finally agrees (Source)

I mean, c’mon, holy crap. That’s take some huge cajones.  With that move, Cardinal Pell has got to be the leading contender for St. Peter’s shoes.  Think about what he did.  It’s a stare-down, man. The guy would not back down!

Cue the Serenity crowd….but, but, but, but….you can’t do that, he’s….he’s…he’s….the Pope!

Yeah, he’s the Pope and he just got confronted, called on the carpet, and lost.   It’s as simple as that.

Cardinal Pell must be one helluva poker player.  He’s got to be 5:2 odds to be the next pope.   Dang it. It’s the stuff of history books.

3 thoughts on “Cardinal Heroes of the Synod

  1. I’d add to that list Cardinal Muller, the CDF.

    If the reports are accurate that the Holy Father criticized Muller for his part in the Ignatius Press book … do you know of any occasion where a Pope criticized his doctrinal chief for, well defending the faith?

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  3. A Civilization that was referred to as Christian turned it’s back on Christ POLITICALLY in Government,Law and Education,and then expects now tyrannized Christians to change the world for good has gone stark raving mad!It is well to see certain Cardinals do right as they all should,but you ought to know how real Catholic University students like Ruth Lobo etc.,are treated in our Anti-Christian so-called “neutral” Secular democracy,or teachers who “don’t” want to pervert students, as so-called human rights starting from Kindergarten like Dr.Chris Kempling etc.My contemporaries started every school morning with the Lord’s Prayer led by their school teachers,and the Ten Commandments were on Government house,school house and courthouse walls,because our society was not politically apathetic,indifferent or complacent then.Things were not perfect,but Christians were Politically active at every level to continue to make them better.

    In democracies the laws reflect the majorities desires.If you are not Politically organized in our democracies for Christ,then you have politically chosen Barabbas to teach you Kindergarteners sex-education in school.In our democracies the choice is still the same Christ or so-called “neutral” Secularism. We present thousands of parent and citizen signatures to our School Boards,but they should be in the millions.Then the School Boards would do as we told them or be turfed for perverting children in schools. The writing ought to be on the wall for you politically complacent.Politics goes hand in hand with democracy,as elected politicians pass the Bills into Law that everyone has to live by,starting with Kindergarteners.

    Please help the children being traumatized by so-called “neutral” Secular Sex Education in our Democracy,if you are Catholic?Politics is overwhelmingly important to protect children from being perverted by adults in schools! Please dig your heads out of the sand Politically for Christ’s sake, before it’s too late!

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