Cardinal Dolan’s Response

Here.  Pretty slick, if you ask me.  The comparison to the eating with tax collectors and sinners was pretty lame and hardly comparable on many fronts, however.  A more relevant example would have been Christ before Herod, but that would not suit ++ Dolan’s perspective, now would it?  Jesus didn’t dance across Herod’s swimming pool in Jesus Christ Superstar.

Believe it or not, I’m not that spooked by ++ Dolan’s response, provided that he uses the occasion to really lay into Obama or embarrass him or both.  It doesn’t even have to be nasty or mean, but it certainly does mean communicating to Obama and the rest of the Secular Fundamentalists out there that people of Faith have rights and freedoms too.  And more importantly, we will fight for them until our very last breath.

The Cardinal can even smile when he points the finger at Obama and tells him to stop trampling on our rights.  The evening doesn’t have to be all “nice”.

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