Cardinal Calls for Courage

Toledo, Jun. 13, 2008 ( – A Spanish cardinal has called upon Catholic parents to “use all legitimate means in your power to defend your right to determine the moral education of your children.”

Cardinal Antonio Cañizares Llovera spoke out in response to the obligatory “Education for Citizenship” classes that will be introduced in some Spanish public schools in the next academic year. He warned that the courses offer “a moral formation that is not determined by parents” and sometimes contradicts the moral teachings of the Church.

In a pastoral letter issued for the close of this academic year, Cardinal Cañizares argued that “public authority cannot impose any certain moral code on all people, whether it be supposedly a majority choice, or Catholic, or any other kind.” That authority is reserved for parents, he insisted.

Addressing himself specifically to administrators of Catholic schools, the cardinal said that they should not accept the “Education for Citizenship” curriculum because it “would go against your mission.” Even public schools should not promote the course, he continued, because it would violate “the ideological neutrality they should have.”

Cardinal Cañizares strongly encouraged citizens to use every means to stop the imposition of the moral-education program, assuring them that “there is still time remaining to change the course of events.” Political activism is amply warranted in this case, he added, because parents “are not asking for anything more than they should have.”

And that’s exactly what we need in this country too against the sexocrats and the star chamber thugs.  We need the entire Christian church speaking with one voice and attacking on multiple fronts.  Civil disobedience and a resolution to fight back no matter what the consequences.

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