Cardinal Bertone puts the smackdown on D&P “social justice”

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican Secretary of State, told the general assembly of Caritas Internationalis that the Church’s consortium of relief and development agencies must have a vibrant Christian identity. “The Church’s charitable activity, like that of Christ, could never be limited to assisting people’s material needs, however urgent and immediate those needs might be,” Cardinal Bertone preached at the homily opening the assembly. “A humanitarian assistance which would habitually prescind from its Christian identity, adapting a ‘neutral’ approach seeking to please everyone, would risk, even in cases where it obtained its immediate goals, failing to offer men and women a fine service consonant with their full dignity.” “Thus, even without wishing to do so, they would eventually foster in those whom they assist a materialistic mentality which the latter would then bring to other relationships and to their approach to social issues,” he added. “In a word: the Church must not only practice charity, but practice it as Christ did.” (Source)

At long last, finally a bishop in the Church, other than the Pope, who gets it.  The CCCB should pay attention and tow the line.

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