Cardinal Admits The Horse Has Left the Barn

Rome ( / KNA) Ignorance of Catholic doctrine among bishops and theologians is in the opinion of Cardinal Walter Brandmüller (photo), the main reason for the current “chaos” in the Church. Given the internal Church debate on marriage and family the “unadulterated Catholic doctrine” is in danger, said the German cardinal and ecclesiastical historian of the Italian newspaper “Il Foglio” (Thursday).

I’m sure glad I didn’t say this.  You know, ’cause I wouldn’t want to be described as a reactionary or somethin’. 🙄

One thought on “Cardinal Admits The Horse Has Left the Barn

  1. He’s got the symptoms right but I worry he has the wrong diagnosis. If he thinks the problem is ignorance, then the treatment is education. I don’t think it’s ignorance but rebellion. That requires a different treatment.

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