Catholic Apologetics Resource Database

C.A.R.D. (Catholic Apologetics Resource Database) is an apologetic tool designed to equip the Catholic Apologetic community for the purpose of explaining and defending the Catholic Faith. This resource represents a virtual Catholic Apologetic Encyclopedia, housing the central Scriptural arguments and Patristic citations (1)for Catholic doctrine in a concise yet substantial form. Most entries are between 300-1000 words. The aim of the database is to offer Catholic Apologists, from novice to expert, a central, comprehensive, on-line resource to defend the Catholic Faith.

Although we will be adding both Scriptural and Patristic resources to the database in the ensuing years, we will endeavour to focus our attention to specific areas. For the first phase of this long-term venture, Legate Staff will be focusing on selected Patristic citations of varying length, which will help provide a solid, historical foundation and witness to the Church’s claims. During the second phase, we will be concentrating on the Scriptural witness to the Catholic Faith.

While most of the entries will be composed by Legate staff, we invite and encourage outside submissions. Proper attribution and hyperlinks to the contributor’s site will be posted. To submit your entry for consideration, please be sure to tell us the subject of your entry before you begin composing your argument. We ask this simply to ensure that the particular argument in question has not already been submitted (but not posted), or that the particular argument in question is not already allocated to another contributor to the database. Obviously, the more popular an argument is (i.e. Matthew 16:18 for the papacy, for instance), the more likely it will already be assigned.

Interested contributors are encouraged to e-mail us here. Our apostolate reserves the right to edit and add to all entries.

(1) Unless otherwise noted, patristic citations excerpted from The Ante-Nicene Fathers (Rev. Alexander Roberts and James Donaldson, editors). American Edition copyright © 1885. Electronic version copyright © 1996 by New Advent, Inc. Used with permission.

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