Caption This At the CCCB Plenary Dinner…

Caption 1: “I think those guys at Development & Peace have completely lost it with their “Bottled Water Free Zone” campaign. Do you realize what it took for me to smuggle in this bottle of water, here?

Caption 2:  “Mike, I have to be careful and speak softly.  Those guys from Socon or Bust and their spies are everywhere.”

2 thoughts on “Caption This At the CCCB Plenary Dinner…

  1. “Don’t tell the D&P guys, I gave up bottled for Lent about decades ago. I switched to wine and started hanging around with pro-lifers, and my life has been better ever since!”
    Bishop De Angelis
    My wonderful pro-life bishop, in Peterborough
    (Said in his wonderful Italian accent, of course.)

  2. And you are so fortunate to have him Kathie. He was the bishop that confirmed me and that was some years ago.

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