Capitulation to sustain a legal fiction

The company providing internet hosting for Human Right Service had removed the Muhammad caricatures from their client’s site.The company, Imbera, think the cartoon of Muhammad with a bomb in his turban was insulting and they fear action and sabotage against their data servers.

According to Human Right Service spokesperson Hege Storhaug, the company reviewed their site, then went in and edite the site, removing the Muhammad cartoons. (Source)

No one who has a brain can seriously doubt that we are on the downhill rush towards complete western melt down, and it comes down to one simple principle that undergirds our free-fall in the West.

When a culture refuses to sacrifice and prefers the good times to roll and roll and roll, then the end is very near indeed.  The Left abandoned the West to Islamic encroachment and threats because it has taught the West that sacrifice is an evil thing.

Don’t think so? Think of every personal or national situation where personal sacrifice is required. Where does the Left stand on this?  They are invariably against the side that chooses sacrifice.  Unwanted pregnancy?  Terminate.  Tough marriage? Divorce.   The old man getting too sick?  Euthanize.  Muslim military aggression? Appeasement and Capitulation.  Someone offended?  Sic the HRC dogs on them.

In every single case, the common theme among the Leftists is to remove the personal sacrifice that is required of them, or, if that is not possible, spread that sacrifice to the whole population in order to saturate it and render it effectively meaningless.

The Left tries to hide behind a legal fiction, believing that the laws they have established in creating their false utopia can insulate them from cultures, religions, and movements which attack it. But law only has traction when people respect it. If it’s an unjust law, people will revolt.  And, in the case of an exterior threat, internal law is absolutely useless to those who do not acknowledge it.

If you fold like a cheap deck of cards every time Osama says “boo” or when there is even an implied threat (like the case above), you will fold even on a bluff.

The Left needs to understand that to sustain the West, personal sacrifice is required, because without it, only slavery and dhimmitude can be our future.

Pay now or pay later. But one thing is for certain, we are going to pay. And every day that passes that the Left remains drunk in their debauchery is a day where more interest in added to the principal for that payment.

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