Capital Pride @ St. Joe’s

Remember St. Joe’s from last year?

Well, they’re back at it again.

There comes a point where faithful Catholics have to finally say “enough is enough”.   

All of this “wink, wink”, “nudge, nudge” garbage has got to end.  I don’t buy “the parish is not actually participating in the parade, just some University students are” baloney.

As for me and my house, St. Joseph’s community is no longer Catholic.  Period.

My prayer is that the Archdiocese of Ottawa finally has the gonads to call a spade a spade.

Socon or Bust calls on the Archbishop of Ottawa to end this sham once and for all…or as Cardinal Sarah warned, the judgement of Almighty God will fall on us.

5 thoughts on “Capital Pride @ St. Joe’s

  1. I lived in Ottawa 25 years ago and experienced the Oratorian persecution by the last living “Gang of Five” Joseph Aurele Plourde. He tolerated shenanigans at St. Joseph’s then and many there set out to persecute those at St. Brigid’s in Lowertown. Is the fish pond still there?

  2. The Oratorian affair was told in the book The Last Roman Catholic by Jim Demers. It was a time of hope and sadness. I was one lucky enough to experience all that the Novus Ordo liturgy and Vatican II promise had to offer which they implemented fully. It was the modernists, heretics and radical feminists who hated them and lied about them and slandered their reputations and convinced a weak and ineffectual archbishop to throw them out and Ottawa has been poorer for it ever since. The only saving grace was the presence of the FSSP but that is not even as purposefull as the Oratorians.

    St. Joseph’s turned confessionals to coat rooms and had a filthy, smelly, algae infested fish pond with Koi in the sanctuary only a few feet from the Altar of Sacrifice.

    A pathetic place to be sure.

    St. Joseph, Patron Saint of Canada, Pray for us.

    St. Andre of Mount Royal, Pray for us.

  3. St. Joseph’s no longer has a fish pond, but it does have a warm and welcoming healing space with comfortable couches and chairs arranged in a circle and a beautiful, handmade dreamcatcher. Right next to it, there is also a space for face-to-face reconciliation and guidance. The confessionals are not used as coat rooms. The one at the back was renovated and turned into a very functional, modern kitchenette for gatherings and receptions. Rather than believe all the gossip, why not just visit the church–the doors are wide open to the public every weekday from 8:30am to 4:30pm.

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