Capital Gay Pride – Sign Your Parish Up Today!

Don’t miss the Ottawa Gay Pride Parade!

St. Joseph’s Young Adult Faith Community (University Mass at Ottawa’s St. Joseph Parish), affiliated with St. Joseph’s parish (see last link on side menu), is going to be there.

How about you and your faith community?

Will you be the pseudo-Catholic hypocrites and sodomy-pushers that God has called you to be?

18 thoughts on “Capital Gay Pride – Sign Your Parish Up Today!

  1. Dear Archbishop Prendergast:
    > It is deeply disturbing for Catholics who attempt to live by the
    > moral standards of our holy Church to learn that UofO St. Joseph`s
    > Parish in your city publicly advertises and encourages participation
    > in the so-called Ottawa “pride” Parade !
    > No wonder aberrant secularists can say our Church is divided !
    > Hoping you can now show true courageous episcopal leadership and
    > guidance, I am
    > yours faithfully,

  2. According to the Public Health Agency Of Canada HIV and AIDS in Canada Surveillance Report for April 2006 on page 60, we read that eighty-five percent of AIDS in Canada is in males who have sex with males ! Do you think it is being responsible that this lifestyle should be imposed on the public, and taught in schools to children as healthy and this imposition forced by Law and Government decree?

    ” Gay bowel syndrome ,” describes a collection of bowel diseases that lead to a mechanical dysfunction of the lower bowel tract. However unknown to the Public because of a near total pro-homosexual academic and media blackout, they include amebiasis, giardiasis, salmonellosis, shigellosis, hepatitis A and B, tuberculosis, sypilis etc. These are endemic to the homosexual population. Do you think sodomy should be promoted in schools and protected by Canadian Law as a healthy lifestyle? Do you think the United Nations should be promoting sodomy to all the countries of this world?

    Two homosexual scientists Simon Le Vay and Dean Hammer claim to have found a homosexual gene, but no one anywhere can replicate their experiment so it can be validated. In other words all their hype is B.S. meaning Bad Science. This B.S. is put on front pages of newspapers, magazines and broadcast everywhere, and the public believes this science fiction. Heterosexuals reproduce but homosexuals can only recruit in schools by court enforcement and government decree. Have Canadians gone stark raving mad to let this go on? What about the pew potatoes? God Bless professor Tom Landers for teaching me the truth.

    Why is the homosexual lifestyle and homosexual marriage promoted in our public schools as healthy and normal by our government and our courts when it’s not healthy? In my dictionary sodomy is defined as , unnatural sexual intercourse. By promoting this have our courts, our voting public and our Parliament and the United Nations gone stark raving mad? What about our Bishops?

  3. I can’t say this comes as a surprise. St. Joseph’s has been known to be a very liberal parish since as long as I’ve lived in Ottawa (13 years). But it keeps on rollin’ unabated…

    I can’t believe the Archbishop would remain silent on this.

  4. I believe that the homosexual act is a grave sin, along with fornication and adultery. I believe that there should be nothing to celebrate about people who make a lifestyle out of it. On the contrary, they should all turn to God and repent of their sin, and ask for God’s Mercy and Forgiveness in the Sacrament of Penance. Then they’ll know true Peace and Happiness, the kind that comes from God Himself.

  5. Garry, thanks for all the great facts in your comment. They will come in very handy in this debate, in spite of attempts to censure the facts.

  6. Hi,

    I’m a member of the community at St Joe’s and a devout Catholic. I’d like you to know that the gay march event was NOT posted on the church website, but rather it was posted on the young adults group website – which is separate from our Church. We as a Church are not promoting the gay march. We are welcoming to all that come to our doors despite their sexuality.

    As a biblical scholar I would also like to point out that “homosexuality” is not a sin par se, as this term did not exist until the Enlightenment. There was no such thing as “being gay” at the time of Jesus. “Homosexuality” is in the Bible as you see it now because it has been added in through translation into English over the years. Being attracted to the opposite sex is also seen in nature – in fact bats are the most homosexual creatures seen in nature, as +30% of them are gay.

    As Christians we should be not condemning of anyone, but we should be welcoming people to know Christ. We should be known as Christians by our love, not by our hate and bigotry.

  7. We should not be condemning of anyone, but we should condemn sin. We don’t have to condemn anyone to say that we believe that what they do is a sin. We should hate the sin, but love the sinner, and we have a duty and obligation to point out someone’s sinful acts to them.

  8. @ Anonymous,

    Black widows kill their mates, that doesn’t mean we should accept cannibalism, even if only between a husband and wife.

    Besides, even if these animals are found to have homosexual behavior, how do we know it is not caused by the polluted environment we have created for them, particularly the enormous quantities of estrogen ending up into the water ways due to the ubiquitous consumption of birth control pills?

    The “birds do it, bees do it” argument to justify homosexual behavior amongst humans holds about as much water as a screen door on a submarine.

  9. I didn’t think the post by Anonymous was worth the trouble. S/he is trying to be clever.

    As soon as I read Anonymous’ claim “homosexuality is in the bible as you see it now because it has been added in through translation…” and claims to be a biblical scholar I knew Anonymous was a liar.

  10. LOL! Susan.

    When I read the first line about being a “devout” Catholic, I knew exactly where it was going.

    The only thing I could think of was former PM Paul Martin who was described as such every time he spoke on his gay marriage bill.

    It seems the sodomy propagandists have found religion and become very holy and pious indeed.

  11. Judicial tyranny is when a homosexual judge overturns a democratic vote by 7,001,084 California citizens. Homosexual justice Vaughn R. Walker never elected to his lifetime position struck down proposition 8 undermined democracy and Western Civilization.
    If the church does not wake up from it’s irresponsible behavior, and start electing traditional politicians to office where Bills are passed into law, judicial tyranny will dictate life. Please start being church instead of playing church.

  12. Don’t you love how someone says, “We should be welcoming to everyone” and then calls those who oppose homosexual acts as hateful and bigoted. Pot meet kettle. Sorry buddy, the only devout thing you are is atheist.

  13. We as Social Conservatives care about people, but don’t accept false ideas as true or their destructive behavior as moral.

    Contrary to liberal relativism and Darwinian humanist wisdom, not all ideas and lifestyles are equally true, or beneficial.

    Yet the kind of tolerance demanded in today’s liberal education establishments which “educate” our society tells us that we must tolerate everything, even destructive behavior, legalize it and then teach it to our children as healthy and normal from Kindergarten through University with our money. But of course, we must never tolerate destructive behavior.

    Tolerating legalizing, and imposing destructive behavior is unloving because it harms innocent children and destroys lives.

    Through reasoned debate, using verifiable evidence, we must defeat harmful ideas and bad legislation.

  14. As a person who does not lack basic critical thinking skills, I would like to point out that this is worst non sequitur I’ve heard in quite a while:

    “As a biblical scholar I would also like to point out that “homosexuality” is not a sin par se, as this term did not exist until the Enlightenment.”

    The term “homosexuality” did not exist until the Enlightenment, THEREFORE homosexuality is not a sin per se??? Missed a few logical connections there! lol!

  15. I suppose that our Bishops are under very great pressure about how to handle the situation such as the one at St. Joseph’s. That Parish’s waywardness should have been “nipped in the bud” by those responsible year’s ago.

    Bishop Windle just went away. I do not want that to happen with our Bishop. As they say, we are not handed any burden that we do not have the grace to deal with but . . .

    When was the last time that we heard strong teaching from the pulpit? My expectation is that we, most likely, will never hear anything mentioned that might hurt anybody’s feelings – let them all go to hell. D & P, for example, still has some supporters like the Provincial CWL. I know for a fact that National CWL was informed about the apology in the Catholic Register to LifeSite News before the National Convention in Ottawa. I have’t heard if they removed their support for D & P at that time.

    I hope and pray that our Bishop will answer the call to do
    something immediately now that he is aware of St. Joseph’s Parish promotion of the Gay Pride Parade.

    At this time, I cannot place blame at the foot of any particular
    person or Bishop. The CCCB needs to get its act together and act in unison with a stand for Catholic values. I think our church would grow as a result. People are confused and need the authority of the Church to take a leadership role in the right direction no matter the cost. We are waiting!

  16. Omniscience is an attribute of the Christian God, that is why professor Tom Landers has taught me to use science and common sense to defend traditional values. God knows the consequences of homosexuality on society as pointed out by Public Health Agency of Canada HIV and AIDS Surveillance Report and Gay Bowel Syndrome that is endemic in the homosexual community. Sodomy is unhealthy. Tom Landers always proves unhealthy behaviors as such in a loving and kind way with verifiable facts.
    Sodomy’s consequences are so unhealthy in fact that God states in Leviticus 13 that,”If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both have committed an abomination,…” As a democracy why are we teaching homosexuality as healthy and normal by court enforcement and government decree in schools to children when it is so very unhealthy. Now some in the Catholic Church are recruited by our education establishments, courts, and governments. In a democracy the citizens elect the politicians who pass Bills into laws in our Legislatures and Parliament.Through reasoned debate, using verifiable evidence, we must defeat harmful ideas and bad legislation.

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