Can’t you just feel the love in the Gay Agenda?

A viral video captured a man in Tuscon, Arizona, badgering a female Chick-fil-A employee on Wednesday for working for a “hateful corporation.”

“I don’t know how you live with yourself and work here, I don’t understand it,” said the man, Adam Smith, in the video of himself he posted on YouTube.

The company for which Smith was acting as CFO, the medical supply manufacturer Vante, said this week it immediately fired him after seeing the intolerant behavior in the video. (Source)

Keep on trucking with the whole “tolerance” sham.  It’s starting to get really old.

One thought on “Can’t you just feel the love in the Gay Agenda?

  1. “Who are you to judge? Moral Relativists now say.”
    Our Government, Law and Academics in the guise of Separation Of Church and State has separated Christianity with it’s benevolent worldview from Government, Law, and Education thus morphing Western Civilization to Secular Paganism by Establishment.

    When the majority of Western citizens let Government, Law, Education, and Popular Media convince them that legalizing Homosexual Marriage is much ado about nothing they bought into a lie. When an act previously proven to be unhealthy gets legalized then normalized as a human right, and social justice it then becomes Law, and normalized to innocent impressionable schoolchildren from Kindergarten by adults who ought to know better. What kind of society socially engineers innocent impressionable schoolchildren this way?

    Our Culture now holds to the tenets of Moral Relativism by decree while marginalizing those who violate it’s rules by calling them insensitive, intolerant and politically incorrect. They teach people to believe that they are stuck with their opinions, and all opinions are relative thus having no basis in any objective unchanging moral truths.

    I certainly have a right to make moral judgements being rational and aware of certain fundamental principles of logical moral reasoning.
    Politically Correct Relativists claim that I have no right to make moral judgements is itself a judgement. Their claim is thus self refuting.
    Through Establishment by Government and Court decree Moral Relativism is The New Creed of Western Civilization especially in the areas of Education, Law and Public Policy. It is evident that replacing The Christian Perspective with Politically Correct Relativism by decree has affected every aspect of Canadian, American and European Public Culture. The consequences are obvious to objective thinkers.

    What is the difference between a Politically Correct Relativist and a person who admits to having no morality at all?
    How does a relativist make a moral decision? He decides for himself whatever he thinks is best. Even people with no conscience at all can be said to have their own morality. How can any sense be made out of an alleged morality that functions the same as having no morality at all? If a thing cannot be distinguished from its opposite, then the distinction between the two is meaningless.

    It Is good to see common sense and objective thinking still alive and well in some segments of our society in a culture gone stark raving mad.

    Concerned Parents and Citizens did politically unite from 2005 to 2008 to force Parliament to raise the age of sex consent in Canada, thus closing the legal loophole in Parliamentary and Supreme Court Of Canada Law of 2005 that made Canada a preferred destination by Human Right and Social Justice for sex trafficking predators and pedophiles.
    In a democracy the citizens are responsible for the laws of the land.

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