Can’t We All Just Get Along?

 “…this ongoing “us” vs. “them”, right vs. left, Catholic vs. not, pro-life (anti-abortion) vs. pro-life (the entire life spectrum) has got to stop.  Are we not all children of God? Are we not loved and valued equally and been given our respective callings and vocations by Him? We have to look at and listen to each other with love and respect. If we disagree that is OK; but what is not OK is attacking the other. We need to listen, discuss, have an open and honest dialogue (without fear of retribution) and take time to discern. Once we know “the other” I am confident that we can move forward together… (Source)

Joan, my dear, stop the equivocation and the Rodney King lines.  Of course, God loves us all. That’s the problem with D&P’s side of the fence.   On D&P’s side of the fence, it really doesn’t matter that unborn children are excludedecuted from that respect.  If D&P did respect human life, “the entire life spectrum”, as you say, there would be no controversy and D&P would not be in its own existential crisis right now.  Everyone knows that if D&P partners were pro-racists instead of pro-abortion, this controversy would have been quelled in 4 seconds.  Instead, we’re heading into our fourth year….which really tells us all what kind of Catholics D&P members are and what kind of bishops pro-life Catholics have been suffering through since the Spirit of Vatican II has possessed the Church.

But all that’s changing now.

D&P members want access to Catholic cash and they want to maintain the brand they’ve built up for themselves these past 40+ years, but they don’t want to submit to the authority of the Roman Church or its teachings.  You can’t have your socialist justice cake and eat it too, I’m afraid.

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