Can’t Keep a Good Man Down



 Anything to take down the claims of Christianity – no matter how far-fetched, weak, and absurd the “evidence” is – the MSM is there with bells and whistles and tambourines. After all, if Tom Hanks or James Cameron is involved, we all know it reaches the very heights of scholarly credibility, and everyone should just bow their heads and whisper a pious “Amen”. The converse of their wholesale propaganda against Christianity is also certainly well known. They simply ignore, minimize, distort, or manipulate the real and authentic evidence that exists for the veracity of the Christian faith. The Shroud of Turin was written off twenty years ago by the gods of science and their carbon dating. Providentially, the carbon dating claims didn’t stick as the other gods of science informed us. We heard a lot about the first gods, but not a heck of a lot about their ousters. Oh well, c’est la vie. First impressions, after all, must not be disturbed.Then there is the case of The Shroud of Manoppello. Never heard of it, you say? Come now. That’s not surprising, given the political and moral sensibilities of those who are responsible for suppressing these little proofs of Christianity’s claims. I shouldn’t be so critical, however. I suppose that when the evidence started to mount that “Veronica’s Veil” (as it is sometimes called) was indeed THE image of Christ, the main stream media placed this astounding news in the back pages of obscurity and amusement. This happened over twenty years ago. I came to know about the “veil” in reading a little known magazine called Love One Another Catholic Magazine. This magazine which is published first in Polish and then translated into many different languages is well known for its high quality articles, and although it is focused on the youth, its devotional and scholarly articles have been a wealth of inspiration for me personally.

I highly recommend this magazine to anyone wanting to receive the occasional “shot in the arm” and encouragement. It does not shy away from tackling some of the most controversial issues of our time like homosexuality and abortion, and also the taboo issues like demonic possession. It did a remarkable article on the real Emily Rose, for instance.

It is a first-rate publication for Catholic families, and I cannot give it a higher endorsement. It’s superb.

Months ago, I requested and received permission from Love One Another Magazine to publish the three articles on the Shroud of Manoppello they featured in their last publication of the magazine (Issue No. 7).

Read these articles and you will be amazed and edified!!!

The Great Miracle in our Possession
The Great Miracle – p.1
The Great Miracle – p.2
The Great Miracle – p.3

The Resurrection’s “Exhibit B”
The Resurrection’s “Exhibit B” – p.1
The Resurrection’s “Exhibit B” – p.2
The Resurrection’s “Exhibit B” – p.3
The Resurrection’s “Exhibit B” – p.4

The Shroud
The Shroud of Manoppello – p.1
The Shroud of Manoppello – p.2
The Shroud of Manoppello – p.3
The Shroud of Manoppello – p.4

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