Canon Law

Canon Law is a rather unfamiliar field among Catholics and non-Catholics alike. The Church is a civilization and because civilizations have laws, the Church has its own set of laws to govern it citizens. This page is dedicated to discussing issues related to canon law for the edification of our visitors.


Canon Law 101: A Crash Course for Catholic Apologists

Pete Vere offers some advice to would-be apologists on the importance of a basic knowlege of canon law. (Vere – 36KB – 07.05)

Surprised by Canon Law: Why Laypeople Should Understand This Sacred Science

A primer on Canon Law from our resident Canon Lawyer. (Vere – 8KB – 06.09)

Canon Law, Vatican II, and Eucharistic Devotion

Since Vatican II, many liberal and minimalist Catholics have tried to downplay Eucharistic devotion. Some theologians and canon lawyers have had the audacity to say that Eucharistic devotion has been suppressed by Vatican II and Canon Law. Some Bishops have even been swayed by this position and have actually suppressed such devotion in their dioceses! Staff Canonist Pete Vere discusses this issue and shows quite clearly that these opinions are erroneous and baseless. (Vere – 11KB – 04.02)

Show the Mothers Compassion: Excommunicate the Politicians

Staff Canonist, Pete Vere, discusses the canonical implications of excommunication and how it applies to the parties involved in abortion. Canonically, it is difficult to excommunicate a politician. But there are other equally effective and humiliating means for the Church to get the message across. (Vere – 11KB – 04.01)

Ex Corde Ecclesiae: A Brief Look At Its Canonical Implications

Staff Canon Lawyer, Pete Vere, helps University administrators reflect on the canonical implications of Pope John Paul II’s consititution Ex Corde Ecclesiae. This document puts the legal clamp on dissent from Catholic teaching at our universities. Let’s see if, in this century, the bishops have the courage to practice what Rome preaches. (Vere – 12KB – 04.01)

Canon Law and the Laity

Canonist Pete Vere offers this primer on Canon Law and the Catholic Church by discussing its foundation within the Church and its scope. He also gives us a brief glimpse into the professional life of a canon lawyer. (Vere – 16KB – 03.11)

The Gruner Chronicles

Fr. Gruner has been officially suspended by the Vatican, but it seems that he believes that his particular suspension is unjust and refuses to submit to his superiors. Of course, how many sad cases in the Church’s history have not hosted similar pretenses as an excuse to disobey? Pete Vere sets the record straight, gives everybody a reality check on this situation, and explains how Fr. Gruner is hardly a persecuted martyr for Fatima.


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