Candidacy for Ottawa West Nepean

FCP White BackgroundGreetings everyone,

I would like to announce that I will be once again running in the upcoming Ontario provincial election which is scheduled to take place this October 10.

Unfortunately due to family and work committments, my involvement in the election might be more limited than past efforts.  At the very least, however, voters of Ottawa West Nepean will have a socially conservative candidate to vote for. I will be running for the Family Coalition Party of Ontario (FCP) for the third time.


20 weeks unborn child.
Courtesy of Life Issues Institute. Images used with permission.

I will be focusing my campaign on the the unborn child.  While the FCP has developed many novel and solid policies for its platform, my campaign will be an educational endeavour to raise the plight of the voiceless unborn child and the suicidal consequences that abortion has had on our society.  And the great thing about it is that I will be using government money to do it via the generous tax kick-back credits available. 


1) Prayer: Needless to say, standing up for unpopular moral issues in this culture takes its toll on socially conservative candidates. During the election period, please remember to keep us and our families in your prayers.  We’re doing this for the unborn child, and to a lesser extent, for your right to vote for a candidate that reflects traditional family values.

2) Money: To run a successful campaign, we need money.  If you are pro-life and want to see some progress in the abortion battle in this country, then please use the very generous tax credit system offered by the politicians.  You receive a 75% tax refund on the first $336 contributed to a candidate.  For more information on political contributions, visit Elections Ontario.

3) Nomination Registration Signatures: If you are a resident of Ottawa West Nepean, you are eligible to sign the nomination form that will allow my name to appear on the ballot.  If you are willing to sign the form and know others who can do so as well, please e-mail me to make arrangements.

 4) Election Strategy:  Since my time is limited, I will be focusing on the internet, local radio, and election lawn signs to get the message out.  Volunteers for lawn sign delivery and larger sign installation are needed. 


Across North America, pro-life forces are seeing glimmers of hope on the abortion front.  Although we have yet to see any political break through in Canada, there are signs of hope at the grassroots level. Canadian pro-lifers are accustomed to reading about victories in the U.S. over the last several years in the culture at large, in the courts, and in the political arena. And now even in this country, we are beginning to see a thaw in the abortion iceberg.

This past June, pro-life activists were able to soundly defeat pro-abort forces in the first ever head-to-head contest.  Despite the attempts by the main stream media and the abortion industry and their lackies to bury abortion as a contentious issue, Canada’s Greatest Wish was to see abortion end in this country. Although the victory was somewhat token, it showed that there is a groundswell of young, pro-life Canadians across this country who are willing to engage the culture at large on this issue. 

Likewise, there are other bold (and controversial) initiatives by courageous social conservatives all across the country to bring this debate to the forefont and force the truth to come out about abortion.  We all know that once abortion is exposed for what it is, Canadians will begin to turn against it, and that is the moment when the political winds will change course.

So the time for action is now.  We need to build on the momentum that has been generated and seek to educate the public about the need to protect unborn children.

It is my prayer that you will help me.

God Bless you. God Bless our country.

Yours very truly,

John Pacheco
Family Coalition Party Nominee
Ottawa West Nepean

2 thoughts on “Candidacy for Ottawa West Nepean

  1. Congratulations John,
    Needless to say I will sign your nomination papers if you need me. I will also do whatever I can to support and promote you.

    God Love & Bless You, Lara and Girls for coming to our rescue and doing the Will of Our Blessed Lord and His Mother for the little ones!


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