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Some of you might be wondering why Socon or Bust can come across as “angry” some times.  Actually, Socon or Bust is not so much angry as frustrated.  Sometimes, I need to “go off” on the Ecclesiastical establishment..more times, admittedly, than perhaps I should.  It’s not something I particularly really like to do…but sometimes, it’s the only option left.

The latest example of CanChurch’s conduct says it all.  A few days after the Vatican denounced + Fellay’s comments about the Jews, the CCCB issued their own press release. Toute Suite.  The distancing from the SSPX is hardly a surprise…especially when it concerns alleged anti-semitical remarks.  But almost 4 years on, no such distancing has come from the pro-abort, anti-Catholic pimps that are funded by Canadian Catholic money through Development & Peace.  The double standards are enough to make one ralph.  Provided the cause is politically correct and does not damage one’s reputuation or cause bogus “division”, the press releases are issued lickity-split.

We live in a Culture of Scandal in the Church. We have become so use to scandal, that when a scandal happens, it doesn’t rouse us to outrage or indignation or action. We just live with it, tolerate it, expect it. We might send in our polite letters of objection but maybe not even anymore, it’s become so common place.  “What should I do about the latest Monday scandal, John?”  “Do what the bishops do”, I say, “smile, shrug your shoulders, and move on with life.  Everything’s good.  Don’t worry about taking any responsibility.  Your bishop doesn’t.”

But this is not normal.  Laws protecting unborn children are being overturned at the hands of Canadian Catholic money, and the bishops wring their hands, navel gaze, and try to figure out just what they should do.  Even the bishops who are on side are trapped in the Borg, fearing offense or God-knows-what if they venture out and do their own social justice gig.

We’ve made a mockery out of Jesus by smiling too much, going along too much, and tolerating too much.  And it’s gone to our heads so much that the absolutely unforgiveable sin is to be angry.  God forbid that not all of us are smiling and giving a thumbs up.

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  1. It is not wrong to be angry abouth these atrocities. If you love really love God the Father, Jesus, and Mary and you know Jesus got angry about sin, when you love Hiim who is Truth.
    You will
    love what He loves and hate what He hates. Some people say God does not hate and GOD DOES NOT PUNISH , THEY DO NOT READ HIS WORD. HE SAYS, He does so, in His Word and shows His anger all through the Bible and the Psalms themselves warn us of what happens, when we continually step olutside boundaries God has erected for our own good, and because He knows better and just because He is God and we are not!!
    Compromise, comnplacency ignoring wrongs and shrugging ones shoulders when everthing is insanely wrong according to God, “not alright”, far be it, it has bever been worse and is getting worse, in many ways, as God said it would and did Mary, Our Blessed Virgin and Mother, if Her Immaculate Heart was not consecrated.

    Anger can result from frustration, it can also be result when one witnesses willful disobedience from those who are supposed to know better, and are in positions of leadership who refuse to obey what God their Father as well as our Father, as instructed them to do, and what their professed vocation entails.
    This frustrated anger occurs in ones’ being,when people are subject to “leaders” who lead in sin, and seen indifferent even cold-hearted regarding, the results on those who are following themGod has an order and when those at the top
    rrefuse to obey what God says, everyone under them is affected. Noone sins in a vaccum.
    I am aware that the Bible says nothing outside of us can difile us, whatever comes out of us is from our own often and still broken and dark hearts, but the truth is we are human and we are like children and children need to trust those in Authority, and those in Authority have great responsibility to lead as Jesus commmanded them to, or the sin become rampant amongst all the people, at differnt levels and manifested in different ways

    I am sick of people saying they care about Truth and or what is good and true and when they are tested, react differently.
    True tolerance does not tolerate sin and or wrong, in the way, most people think of tolerance. We are responsible to first speak Truth into lies, then do whatever we can to better it. Fith without works is dead .

    If one is loving God first and pondering on what He must go through, then we can try to understand and get to carry a tiny portion of His hurt and sorrow when His children turn away from Him (Who is Love and Truth )willingly, and lead others off track. and it can b e a cross of course, never seeing people really stand up for what God commands of us.

    I can still smile and reach out in love to my neighbor when God calls me to, and still hate the sin, I may know him or her is guilty of.
    In fact whoi I am I to judge.? God loves and loved me even when I was in darkness. He did not move HIs love away, in fact He tried even harder to let me know He was there, but I ignored Him or was blinded by my sin to see His Love in action, till finally He had to get really serious and allow
    me to really suffer in order to get my attention.I believe God did everything in His powert to have me come to know Him before that, but I went my own way beginning from a place of extrem brokeness and hatred of self. In other words my spirit had been crushed as a child, and I had never know true love from my father of origin, so I did not know how to trust or what real love was.
    However, A loving father, who also encourages and does all he can to show his love for His children never ignores bad behaviour from HIs children and if He did not love us then He would not allow some discipline and or punishment, that is if we willfilly know what we are doing is in direct diobedience to what He says. Punishment really could be said is that, which we reap what we sow.

    I would be a pharisse and or full of pride if I say I do not sin . I may, then very well be sinning in spiritual pride, the worst kind of pride in fact thinking I am better in that area. Lord have Mercy,But… for the Grace of God go I.

    So, I must remember to love the sinner, and hate the sin, for I cannot judge the heart, because ONLY God knows really the motives of the heart and exactly why peole do what they do.

    I am allowed , though, and in fact, have to judge behaviour and what things people and places and actions are good right and true for me.

    In fact all peole make judgements, whether they admit it or not some conciously some unconciously. We are human and judge to whether we think something is good or bad for us and our loved ones and all of humanity. We must make these judgements, though in light of what God says, not just our own personal perception which can be affected by our own subjective experience, and again unless the concience is well formed according to God it can be way off.

    So in the long run, it is perhaps a good thing to ask why we are angry, as well. Sometimes we are trying to play God, are impatient, do not like the cross(es), and sometimes it is good righteous anger, but we still should be very careful with it, for it is what we do with the anger, that God will judge us by. (Do we sin by our tongue, eg. gossio, detraction, slander, rash judgemts, or action s ignoring others, snubbing them, giving them dirty or frowning or disaprroving looks when they do not know what they have done perhaps? Reember God sees everthiong we do and say, and write down, and it will all be in our book of life. This can make one shudder, as it should, since we work out our salvation with fear and trembling.
    Anger at wrong behaviour and when it appears their is great evil at hand is not alwaysa bad thing, It is ther toi tell us something is dreadfully wrong and it should motivate people to do things to help make the situation right or better, (e.g. pray and fast and call out to God, Who is higher then any evil being, and? or to tell the devil where to go, and the fact that Jesus Blood shed for us on the cross defeated him who is nothing, and has been defeated,( but still though ,wants to fight every battle to the end., he is so evil and dark, and miserable.)
    We have already won, but this ugly stuff we have to suffer because of the freemasonry for example, in the Church at high levels is ugly. It is frustrating that God’s own children seem to be bogged down by the onslaught of muck and falseness that tries to pass itslef off as His Way. Please people read the “Crisis in the Catechism” and “The devil’s Final Battle”, and or “False Friends of Fatima”, to better understand what is happening, and to get and dea what you are up against. Then you will know what also to pray about, and for Whom.

    Of course His Mercy is boundless and greater then anything, IF we run to Him while ther is still time and are really sorry and desire to run away from that which offends Him .

    So many presume mercy and have gone to the other extreme of making Jesus into this ultra feminine passive being,… not the Jesus Who, yes loved us so much He told us what to do and not to do, before dying on the Cross for our sake and suffering in ways we cannot fathom, definately not a passive act,… enduring pain unimaginable in a lwaus, Spiritual, mental, emotional, and of course physical.

    As for me, I must listen to God’s Will for me, in my own life, and I have a passion for justice and hate to see wrongdoing in action ,and know it is being hidden from so many. Anger if the righteous kind will lead one to try to bring God’s Truth and Power (by turning to Him in prayer, with a pure heart that wants what He wants), and to remember, I need to concern myself with meditating on the Beatitudes, and listening to, and trusting, the hearts of Beloved Jesus and Mary

    Finally, “Whatever is true… Whatever is right…Whatever is lovely…Think about such things…And the God ofPeace will be with you”Philippians4:8-9

    God Bless
    In Him
    For Life

  2. You unfortunately misunderstand what is going on. The Canadian Catholic bishops are not funding pro-abortion causes because they are blind or navel-gazing or afraid of offending people. Most of them back these causes because they believe in them. That is much more the case for the religious orders (Jesuits and nuns mostly) who are involved in these causes. They believe in them; they believe in their values and picture of the world, and as a consequence they accept their upholding the legality of abortion. I do not understand how this obvious fact can be so thoroughly ignored.

    • I’m afraid I don’t misunderstand at all. I’ve covering this scandal for 4 years now more than any other blogger on the planet.

      While it is true that the socialists and some Orders in the Church back these causes (obviously), the ultimate BUCK – and I mean BUCK – stops with the Bishops. They have ultimate INDIVIDUAL responsibility to ensure our contributions don’t go to the wrong groups. And that’s exactly what they continue to do.

      There is no misunderstanding, I assure you. Those are the facts.

  3. For many years, I consider the bishops the cause of several shortcomings in the Church. 1) The Winnipeg Statement. The bishops show their unwillingness to correct their mistake. 2) Who puts God in our unblessed hands,when He wants to come in us ? It’s bad enuf the way many persons go to receive God. Too expensive to install a communion-rail ? They eliminate communion-rail, my weekly gift sinks to 25 c..My dollars go to FSSP priests who provide communion-rails, give on tongue, no handshakes. Please, go to Communion with folded hands, receive on tongue. Thus you evangelize to grown-ups and to kids. Make pastors say to the bishop “Most of my parishioners receive on tongue”. Bishops want money, give us rails.

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