CanChurch and Professional Catholics — Yesterday’s Church

…When for decades you have a very select group of “professional Catholics” running the show, leftist and skewed to heterodoxy in approach and viewpoint, when for years letters to the editor are ignored, when time after time you have qualified and knowledgeable people (academics, writers, etc., not just the “plebeian” types you mention) continually shut out from the newspapers, journals, publishers and other educational/apologetic programs because they are too “orthodox” or “judgmental” or “uncharitable”… and then when the blogosphere emerges, you at last have an outlet slay the dragon.

The current situation of the “professional Catholic” class in Canada can be analogized with Hugh Hefner as he exists today: a fossilizing, self-absorbed, smelly old man wandering around a mansion in a gaudy smoking jacket, stupid enough to think that the chicks are still attracted to him.

H/T The Vox

Dammit, I wish I was that witty.  That Hugh Hefner comparison….brilliant!

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