Canadian Representation At The Synod — Out Come Disciples of the Winnipeg Statement Theology….

Furthermore, this tension came to the fore when at the conclusion of the “Briefing” in the Sala Stampa‎ when a reporter from The Tablet (a left-leaning Catholic periodical published in England) asked if divorce and remarriage were still a firm doctrine for the Synod Fathers or just a matter of mutable discipline.  In response to this pointed question, Archbishop Paul-André Durocher, President of the Canadian Episcopal Conference, ‎astonished many in the room by proffering a very snide and imprudent remark that those interested in doctrine should consult Denzinger-Schönmetzer (a well-known and highly respected compendium of Catholic doctrine/dogma) while the Synod Fathers would continue to treat divorce and remarriage as an issue open to discussion, and—therefore—possibly open to change.  (Source)

….Right on time….The false heresy of splitting belief and practice has gone full board.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve wondered whether I’ve been too harsh on the Canadian bishops.  But every time I think that, something like this reinforces my approach:  “Nope, Johnny boy, you’re right on the mark. Don’t second guess yourself again. Trust your Catholic sense.”

One thought on “Canadian Representation At The Synod — Out Come Disciples of the Winnipeg Statement Theology….

  1. I share your criticism that (many or most?) Canadian bishops (and priests, for that matter) appear to lack appreciation for theological/doctrinal rigour, which is to say they all too frequently lack a faithful configuration to the received teaching of the Church which is, of course, the teaching of Christ.

    They/we/any and all will be held accountable for the souls led astray by limp teaching. Of that, we can be certain.

    The bishops must repudiate that abomination known as the Winnipeg Statement.

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