One thought on “Canadian court backs Christian law school in homosexuality dispute

  1. Dear Citizen

    As I told you yesterday, the Nova Scotia Supreme Court issued a resounding decision in favour of Trinity Western University.

    That province’s law society had blackballed any Christian law students who would graduate from TWU — they would be banned from working as lawyers in the Province. Well yesterday the court said the law society didn’t have the jurisdiction to do that, and even if they did, it violated Canada’s constitutional guarantee of freedom of religion.

    Please watch my analysis of the court decision, including key passages about religious freedom. You can watch my TV show on the subject here.

    Eight minutes into that video clip, you can see my interview with John Carpay, a lawyer who intervened on behalf of Trinity Western in the courts.

    What do you think of what John said? Let me know — and if you are as inspired by John’s success as I am, please chip in to help him take the fight to the B.C. law society too!

    Yours truly,

    Ezra Levant

    P.S. As John said in the interview, he relies completely on donations from Canadians like you and me. Let’s raise $10,000 to help him fight the good fight in other provinces too — just click here!

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