Canadian Catholic Money Helping to Overturn Abortion Laws in Peru Right Now…thanks to D&P

Readers will recall that LifeSiteNews released a bombshell news story some time ago where it reported on the Peruvian Bishops asking the Canadian Bishops to stop funding pro-abortion groups in their country. Since that time, there have been other reports and media sources covering this story, with the last “outrage” coming from Peruvian feminists who have become upset about the light shining on their activities.

Here is a complete list of the coverage thusfar: 

Why is this relevant at the moment?  

Well, according to the report below, the Peruvian bishops are now gripped in a major abortion battle, thanks in part because their brother bishops here in Canada have been funding pro-abortion groups in Peru and even refusing to admit the facts.  This is exactly what I warned about earlier in the summer. In fact, it’s quite prophetic:

Personally, I will hold the bishops of Canada directly responsible for any advancement of abortion legislation in these countriesIn five months, abortion could be legal and on demand in some of these countries where the abortion juggernaut is bearing down hard.  For Pete’s sake, look at what Obama has done in less than 5 months in office.  But it won’t even be five months…more like 5 years before this whole thing finally shakes out because…you know…they’ll have to launch their own investigation apart from D&P’s sham investigation…and on and on it goes.  The bishops need to take control of their own finances and cut the chord RIGHT NOW.  If they have to wait until the CCCB’s bureaucratic machine winds up, it will be too little, too late and Latin America will be more liberal than Canada on the question of abortion, as hard as that is to believe.  But, hey, that’s OK, because we’ll have saved a tree and re-oriented the gender equity imbalance in the Global South. There’s going to be hell to pay.  Nooses and millstones, your Graces, nooses and millstones. (Source)

Here is the text of the report:

LIMA — Peru’s Roman Catholic bishops slammed a bill allowing abortion in rape and fetal deformity cases, calling it a “death penalty” for embryos in a country where capital punishment is illegal.

“Life is a right from its conception… any attempt to justify the elimination of children about to be born into illness or disability brings to light our difficulty in accepting sick people,” the Peruvian Bishops Conference (CEP) said in a statement.

Spearheaded by Peruvian Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani, the church has openly lobbied lawmakers to drop proposed legislation to legalize elective abortion for rape cases or when the fetus is deformed.

The bill was approved by a parliamentary committee a week ago, sending it for debate in the full Congress.

Cipriani denied allegations made in a report by civil groups that said some 300,000 illegal abortions are performed each year in Peru.

The CEP said life should not be terminated for any reason, neither for rape nor to save the life of the expectant mother.

The notion that “the mother’s life is worth more than her child’s is arbitrary and false,” it said.

“Since we’ve done away with the death penalty in Peru for even the worst criminals, how can we accept the death penalty for an embryo that hasn’t even had the time to commit a mistake and cannot even defend itself?” (Source: AFP)


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