Canadian Catholic high school sending 52 students to help Obama campaign in Ohio

An Ottawa-area mom says she is “incensed” that a teacher at her daughter’s Catholic school has organized a trip to Ohio in the final days of the U.S. election to support the re-election of President Obama.

Fifty-two students from St. Peter’s and St. Matthew’s high schools in Ottawa are set to make the trek across the border this week to Boardman, Ohio, accompanied by civics teacher Scott Searle…(source)

Ontario Catholic education: pimping for Obama.  Big surprise there.

But even this is over the top.

18 thoughts on “Canadian Catholic high school sending 52 students to help Obama campaign in Ohio

  1. If i were a parent of someone at that school, I would have my child remoived from hios class and lobby to have him fired.

    It may even be illegal, since it can be considered a donation in kind….

    • wow, you’re so wrong it’s wild! the federal election laws in the US specifically allow foreign nationals to provide volunteer service, and it is not a “donation in kind”….I suspect another wannabe lawyer here in Neal Ford!

      Oh and just for kicks…Catholicism is not defined by one issue only. There are many other issues that make it difficult to choose, as evidenced by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops not recommending one candidate over the other. (Although most on this site seem to feel themselves to be far more “Catholic” than any bishop…..)

      Abortion is important, and Obama’s position on it is not consistent with Catholic teaching. But those who think electing a Republican “anti-abortion” president will change anything are laughably out of touch. With Ronald Reagan, Bushes I and II, in office, the law hasn’t changed. Why?….. Because Presidents cannot change the law. The legislature can draft and pass laws, but these still must pass scrutiny at the judicial level, and Roe v Wade is still the law of the land. Presidents cannot wave a magic wand and change that, or the GOP Presidents would have done so.

      So the whole “Obama = abortion” calculus proposed by many on this site is meaningless.

      But, please….don’t let the facts get in the way of a good lynching!!

  2. Kind of gives a whole new meaning to the OCSB’s spiritual theme for this year:

    “By Our Works, We Show Our Faith”

    Basically says it all.

  3. Some parent getting on her high horse about Obama pro choice stance I assume.
    Funny how the the religious fanatics get so angry about abortion, yet the catholic church has condoned and attempted to cover up widespread sex abuse by their priests all over the world and parents quite happily say nothing and pretend it’s all ok.

  4. Dave,
    Your comment has a grain of truth but it gets lost in the unjustified mud-slinging.

    Yes, many priests and bishops concealed abusers for decades, although this is hardly unique to the Catholic Church as some schools, colleges and hockey teams are discovering. But the parents, and this site in particular, have been very aggressive in rooting out the rot. Feel free to search this site to see how we’re dealing with it. Hint: try searching for “MacNeil”.

  5. This is so stupid. Mr Searle is the best teacher ever and never intended on any of the things these crazy people are saying. Simply going to Ohio had nothing to do with “pro-abortion” or any of these things people are saying. GROW UP

      • What facts? He didn’t do anything wrong. No one did anything wrong. The only wrong thing is you closed minded people who can’t respect other peoples opinions. Isn’t it funny how the only people with an issue is the parents? Students love Searle.

    • I agree. He is one of the most out going teachers at the school. He was organizing this trip as a a lesson in Politics, I was gonna go. Now because of that mother, the trip is cancelled.

    • Like I said, don’t let the facts get in your way….

      However, in a note posted to his Facebook page, Mr. Searle painted a different picture. “52 St. Peter Students are travelling to Ohio for the last week of the election!” he wrote. “Lets help the President bring it home!” He also shared a photo on his page of a sign that says: “we are re-electing the President so … volunteer, maybe?

      So, “bringing it home” for the President is your idea of never intending anything? Good grief. Stop drinking the Koolaid.

      As Pink Floyd says, “Hey teacher…leaves those kids alone”.

      Why don’t you talk to Mr. Searle about his views on abortion and why his forgotten Catholic sensibilities on the respect that is demanded for every human life seem to get short shrift before being on Obama’s re-election campaign.

      • you are obviously insane. to be making judgments based on your “facts” that you found in an article that was impartial. grow up, if you dont want to send your child to st.petes then thats perfectly fine because we dont want them there. we all support eachother and the students that wanted to go on that trip have the RIGHT to, which is a FACT. so before you go shooting off like you know absolutely everything that is going on, take a look at facts since you seem to enjoy them so much. not impartial papers. take it from the students that see him every day and choose their own beliefs regardless of religion.

  6. Everyone knows the number 1 issue that this election is hinging on is abortion and even the women in the United States have stated that, it is that very issue,, and how the candididates are regarding this that will form the decision of whom they give their vote to.

    When will people see that- even now, if they are actually doing ANY real research on Obama, that unrestricted abortion for all IS HIS second name.
    Not to mention that economy depends on whether there are enough people being born, and the demographic bomb has shown that America is already in big trouble. It does not take rocket science to know that as long as abortion is prevalent or even existis econmy WILL fail. First because God Will NOT Bless any person or nation that doesn not regard ALL His Children as Sacred
    and that we have no right to kill them, via abortion or in any way, or for that matter contracept them (trying to control life , or euthanize them…in other words play Him-God)

    Do they forget that the second day after he was elected he flew to Canada toi meet with Prime Minister Steven Harper and it is was all about making abortion more available in Mexico.

    Do your homework. I mean really DO your homework. Look up Father Pavone from Priests For Life and how he tried to warn people about Obama and what his agends is and was, Lifesite news will also reveal the Truth.

    I am curious why fok are not concerned about who is paying for this trip?

    Bishop Fulton Sheen said once,(I could be wrong about whether it was him, so don’t quote me till you checkj) I believe thatif you want your children to have a Catholic education
    send them to a Protestant school, and if you do no want them to know their faith send them to a Catholic one . How tragic although some may find it amusing in its dark however real, cynical nature.

    As for Halloween…and glorifying death as abortion , andadvocates do even promoting it and giving “free” abortions to drum up business.
    I am glad this stupic occult, death glorifying day is over with and the stuipid frog and chicken are no longer doing his dance at Merivale and Clyde.How pathetic…

    I used to wonder about the houses that never celebrated Halloween , were dark and the people did not answer their doors.

    Now I know why. I do not believe in it and would not compromise in any way by sending a message that in any way, we participate in it. Celebrating All Saints Eve is a good alternative.When I was young and was allowed to go out (never dressed as horrible ugly creatures (princess and the like costumes for me and hobos and the like for my brolther) were more to the norm, and costumes we made ourselves.

    Lord Have Mercy

    • Frances, the election does not hinge on the abortion issue. It is all about jobs and available health care. Are you drinking the koolaid that SoCon was talking about?

      • Before I begin though I will say I heard late last night, the trip was cancelled, YEA!!!
        Truth wins out again!!!

        but you obviously drink your leftydrink. Again, in your oh so predictable yawn, yawn fashion, you just had to add just anytyhing!!! Listen, SQ, why don’t you just humble yoursalef and do some homework. Your refusal to research the election in any meaningful way, would makje apparent agaion to anyone who has even a half a brain, would see that yes ultimately telection is hinging on that .It may not be apparent to you but evryone knows ultimately it is. As for jobs Obama lied incesstantly about his so called job creation as well,

        Hey I do not expect anything else then this kind of comment from you, as has been said before about your inane comments you You just want to continue in pettiness and that is quite said.Obama is a LIAR and the king of lies is satan. (I will not capitilize that disgusting liar’s name, it does not desrve it. Jesus is Truth and His name and alll that comes from Him is an honour to capitilize. Anyone who lies is from the father of lies (Read God’s Holy Word, S.Q)Obama serves satan by promoting death and iof course he lies inccesstantly and is arrogant and full of pride.

        Anyone who follows and supports him once his agenda has been revealed to them in part or whole, is either blinded because they are in denail from sin, or chooses to also
        serve Satan. It is that clear.

        It is also true that when people vote forsomeone who has made it abundantly clear
        in his outrageous arrogance and pride what he stands for, their souls are also in danger.

        Before you attempt to comment on the Catholic Faith, read the Catechism and the Catholic Bible, and study some Catholic apologetics.

        The height of arrogance and pride and supidity is when one attemptsto pick and choose and thus shows just how little they know about something instead of finding out about the topic. I do not try to comment and pretend I know the French language although I attended a French school when I was young and was bililgual, at grade 5. I have enough honesty to say, I have forgotten most of it, and thus have no basis to be involved or comment on The Whole topic of French language.

        Most of the comments here, sudents or no students may want to admit the same. It is fighteningly obvious just how brainwashed thy are buy their “idol”teacher.

        No teacher in a Catholic school who is teaching what they should be (Catholic faith and Truth) would ever want or plan a trip to the U.S. to support a man who hates Catholicsim in all its Majesty and has done as much as he can to mock it twist the Truthabout it and crush those who want o practice it in its true and beautiful auithentic Way. I also do not think anyone should sugarcoat and try to rationalize what thisa teacher so transparently to most is all about. Come ON!!!, WAKE UP and smell the coffee!!! PLEASE!

  7. And what about your parents, “student”? What’s their stance? You’ve made a broad assumption about parents, and you are insulting Catholics for being close minded when you, yourself, are attacking us here ad hominem. “That” is being close minded. Plus you are giving into “idol-worship” of your teacher too. If you are liberal or relativist, for once, why should you let his ideals and whatever govern you? How about thinking critically for a change instead of absorbing all his diatribes like a sponge? Think for yourself!

  8. I really appreciate the students’ comments. A likeable teacher can have tremendous influence. As a priest I am keenly aware that the government run Catholic schools have failed, and continue to fail, to hand on the authentic Catholic teachings. Perhaps the education given is excellent in other ways. This story, and the student comments here and at lifesitenews, show me once again that the salvation of souls is not the top priority of the ‘Catholic’ schools. What should and what can be done about it? I don’t know. But I don’t like false advertising. If the name of a school says “Catholic” on it then the students should be taught the Catholic religion. But I assure you that the necessity of the Precepts of the Church are not taught. The Mysteries of the Rosary are not taught. The significance of Pentecost is not taught. The real injustice is that students are being short-changed on the truth, goodness, and beauty of the Bride of Christ. If they are taught anything about the Church’s teachings, they are taught why they should reject much of the teachings. I think the quote of Archbishop Fulton Sheen goes something like: “If you want your children to fight for their Catholic faith send them to a public school, but if you want them to lose their Catholic faith send them to a Catholic school.” I have no doubt that Mr. Searle is a very likeable and influential teacher. I just pray that he uses his God-given talents to influence his students to love Jesus Christ and to show that love by practicing the Catholic faith. Students, your responses will tell me if Mr. Searle is a good Catholic teacher or not. Has his teaching inspired you to a deeper prayer life? Do you appreciate the priceless treasure of the sacraments, especially the Eucharist? If so, do you make use of the gift of the Sacrament of Penance? Do you attend Mass every Sunday as a bare minimum, and often during the week? I tell you solemnly, if you do all sorts of good things while refusing to worship God each Sunday at Mass, all your good deeds will be of no avail. If you learn at school how to apply your intelligence to be successful in the world of business or politics, yet you do not learn and accept what the Church teaches on faith and morals, all your success will end in eternal misery. Open your Bibles for the fun of it and read Mark 8:36 or Matthew 16:26. God bless you all.

  9. Very well said, Fr. Anthony.

    Nobody that supports abortion or is indifferent to it can call himself Catholic. It’s illogical and dishonest.

    Regardless of Roe vs. Wade, the President has huge powers to fund or not fund abortion services, both in the US and abroad. He also has huge moral authority over others. So let’s stop being naïve and pretend that the outcome of the election will have no effect on abortion in America and elsewhere.

    The comments of the students above confirm what we thought: that abortion and moral issues are not being taught in our schools and that so many of the students and teachers aren’t really Catholic. This has been an excellent validation of everything we already knew.

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