6 thoughts on “Canadian Cancer Society Supports Embryonic Stem Cell Research

  1. I am so glad this is being made public . I have and never will support The Canadian Cancer Society for this reason and others.

    When my Mom had cancer I looked into the truth regarding cancer and of course, the unfortunate answer about the Canadian Cancer Society regarding the money thing came up as well as the
    American counterpart. People are undergoing all kinds of unnecessary hellish surgeries etc., not to mention the big bucks regarding the pharmaceutical giants and their interests ion what blood money can be made off cancer.

    I never gave to them then and in fact when Terry Fox ran, the truth is is wanted the money or at least a good portion of money raised to go to alternative treatments for cancer, and I am not talking about quackery medicine. I spent many a day and night poured over the texts atht e national Defence library when I was 15 and read, investigated and sought out the truth about cancer for many months so I could best be of help to her. This was of course after I prayed to God to use me to try and help my Mom. My Dad had died just a year and a half before I heard she had the bid C. The truth about cancer ris far different then these folks would have people believe. In that way it is similar to abortion. There is much deception, failure to disclose and money to be made off poor gullible souls who believe lies.

    I was told as well as my Mom that she had only 6 months or so to live as well as other terrible things I will not repeat here, and that was in 1979. She lived till May 13 (The Feast of Fatima) and it was Mother’s Day. 1996.

    If you one knew who much the bigwigs controlling the Truth about cancer had at stake they would be amazed. When Gary Null tried to print the Truth about it, he had his life threatened. He did persever however, and the result was a series of artiocles, that I have to tyhis day and have copied and lend out, called “The Great Cancer Fraud”. They are very insightful, well researched and do not held back the Truth. They do not say tradiotional medicine is wrong, just how it is being maligned and perverted and the fact that they dso no want people who have cancer to know that there are cures and other ways to treat it that are far less invasive and scary and less traumatic tot the whole person, and many of them require l to begin with a change in ones diet and attitude and how they live and of course the Spiritual angle, which in my Mom’s case was first and at the forefront of her life. She was a beautiful, loving, charitable woman who hardly ever uttered a bad word about anybody, had a generous heart as well as a servant’s and prayed her Rosary, hardly ever complained and surrendered her life to God and accepted her lot in life with grattitude. THAT is Jesus and Mary’s hearts.

    Back to the subject at hand, thoughThe big wig media types, Time magazine, Newsweek etc. and, of course many universities have their two cents in as well, so as to profit. No…This is no surprise. In fact I knew about the big “pink” scheme to raise funds for the so called breast cancer scheme long ago, as well. It stunk from miles away, thus their need to try to make it look all innocent and sweet. Believe me their is nothing innocent and sweet about the Canadian Cancer Society and their interests.

    The Truth will set you free, in EVERYTHING!!!

  2. What’s the difference between Gary Null making money off cancer and the drug companies?

    BTW. Gary almost died from taking one of his own products. Not exactly a ringing endorsement!

  3. Have we touched a raw nerve or are you by any chance someone related to the medical establishment?, such as the angry cursing one who came by Merivale, today, who regarded in his huge pride that HE and his wife were pro-life, and at the same time cutting down people who were showing the truth.!!! Someone I think needs very much healing. That is what abortion does to those who do not seek healing and forgiveness. TSK, TSK, KEEP COMING BACK!!!.

    And, BTW, SQ, since you like abbrev….( BAD ENGLISH, actually lazy English) Gary Null did not make money off telling the truth about cancer, from the copied articles I mentioned. Maybe some peoples lives were saved though.

    The articles I was GIVEN came from a magazine that was not blacklisted by the medical establishment who try with all their money and big lawyers etc. to defend their well walled fortress, to destroy anyone who is not out to make huge profit off disease. and BTW,you do not even( as usual ), know what you are speaking of., Gary, nnow listen sq, this is for your information, pay attention now, just affirmed what many others had written about cancer years ago , including naming Max Gearson, (a man hailed as a medical genius by none other than Albert Schweitzer),whose books were not even ALLOWED into Canada, in case people find out they can cure cancer without so their bodies being destroyed by the toxic garbage that the cancer society profits so much from.

    Alas, that would require you to do some research and read literature that is actually in the old :fashioned long hand format, sq, not some abbre…”In other owrds a BIIIIG book.

    It is not just my mother , also, it is many people I know who have suffered the humiliation and lies from said people.

    It does not surprise me you Southern Quebec would try to retort in such a way. You as usual do not know how to present your view in any civilized manner, just snide, sarcastic .
    Before you comment on what someone else says, learn the facts.

    The articles I had from Gary Null did not ,”BTW” prescribe any of the so-called products you so vaguely refer to. He just saw his father die and suffer, and be mutilated by surgeons out for a buck, and decided to research the Cancer Society, in America and cancer PERIOD. There was in fact a good honest doctor who actually really cared about my mother and also prescribed a change of diet , amongst other things that would not destroy her body which in fact is already in a very diseased state when it is cancerous, and should often not be subject to the things these uncaring unknowledgeable people subscribe and try to fill them with so much fear that they BETTER listen to them as they often suffer from god complex. UHHH, that for you sq, is the other one .

  4. BTW Frances, it’s Gerson not Gearson and he lost his license to practice medicine. Also, I fail to understand how an enema of coffee would cure cancer. check out Quackwatch for more info! LOL.

  5. As I said Southern Quebec. (who are still too cowardly to publish youir name, so you hide behind a dog’s face how sad), Max Gerson losing his medical liscence does not surprise me, because people who commit thousand upon thousands of abortion receive the Order of Canada. So… your response holds not one bit of tangible or factual evidence about what Max Gerson claimed. As I said I hit a nerve, and oh the pocket I am sure. After all if people do not need to dish out their money for so called research (that is nothing of the kind in fact, but ey they fool some of the people ey?) that mostly ends up in the pockets of some very rich dishonest folk, when they know as long as they can keep the public into thinking that they are on the “verge of yet another breakthrough regarding “cures” for cancer.

    No as usual you say nothing about Max Gerson’s book because it is obvious you, who specialize in
    the “cole’s notes” on just about everything have not read it.

    It is not surprising either, that he could or would lose his medical liscence to an establishment that makes a living blacklisting doctors who are not trying to profit in deceptive ways in co-opertation with pharmaceutical giants. YOU obviously as I said cannot or did not bother reading his book. You cannot even back up your negative as usual rethoric,but need so desperately ey sq to have the last word. so very sad, yet so predicatable. Tell you what sq. Just go do a good Confession in the Catholic Church for all your insane pride and remeber Sq, that every word you utter and every mean nasty hateful and proud thing you think will eventually come out of your mouth and “BTW” it is all written down in your BOOK of LIfe, and for which you will answer for and account for alone in front of Jesus on Judgement Day and with all the people you so hastily and so proudly wasted your life hating and spewing out angry nasty petty rethoric just because of your pride and . Humility is probably a word unbeknonst to you, It is a wellknown fact that secular drivel and putrid self centredness are the same as garbage in, garbage out .
    If you aren’t filling your life and mind with the Only One God of One Absolute Truth, that is unfortuantely the result and is not surprising.Heaven Help you, and it is all to obvious what you are filling it with . A petty spirit is from satan, sq the father of lies and anyone who denies Jesus and ALL He says about Life and everyword of HIs Truth is from Satan. and As I said keep coming back and remember sq, you would not even have breath if God had not allowed in His Goodness to let you be born to , ( look out now!!!) a Mother who was… Pro-Life.
    I went to Confession today sq, did you?
    We are praying for you before it is too late. How tragic it would be for you to die and not know Truth in Mercy and Justice…because as much as you try to hide , sq, you will meet Jesus one way or another, and what are you going to say to Him?

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