Canadian Bishops want “excitement” and have a fear that they will “let people down”

“I have a fear sometimes that nothing will happen and we will let people down,” he said. “But I feel we’re moving and we can do something to excite an interest in people — at least, you know, that the Church can create an atmosphere of welcoming and acceptance, which is very challenging. I think that’s where we would like to go, where we have to go in some way.” In Newfoundland, discussion starters and study guides on the St. John’s archdiocesan web site might be one way to encourage ordinary Catholics to maintain their engagement with the Synod. “Some people are fearful of one or two changes and other people want to change everything,” Currie said. “But how do we listen faithfully, without fear and being open to what may come?” (Source)

I’m sorry, but we are turning into a Social Group where sociology and hugs are the central tenets of our Faith and the basis of our outreach.

It’s all rubbish. I’m sick and tired of it.

What does the bible teach?  What does our Tradition teach?

Repent. Rock. Cross.  Embrace all three and ye shall have eternal life.  Reject them and you reject Christ.  Simple.

Where exactly are those three words in this new horny euphoria?  No where.

We must fight this garbage tooth and nail.  We give no quarter, either.

2 thoughts on “Canadian Bishops want “excitement” and have a fear that they will “let people down”

  1. Amen. Reject it all, stay close only to Jesus, His Word and Teachings and those who follow HIm, and of course, Our Beloved,, Blessed Virgin , Mother and Queen in Heaven, Who, will keep you close to Him and His Truth…if you truly want the Truth only.

    It is the same old crap…it is everywhere, new age garbage…all with the intent to distract and take people away from the Only Truth that will save them…and to keep them confused and “busy”., all diabolical , demonic , smelly crap.

    It is why so many who once had Faith have left it in the 12 steps, when the evil line “if this God does not suit you, pick a god of your own (misunderstanding”…My word added is mis, because that is exactly what it is…most of the time). I used to witness people who once had a mustard seed of Faith, forfeit it saying I no longer follow that God of my childhood meaning the only real True God, that punishing God they would add…now I follow the god of my own design. I admit I had to leave the rooms when the hatred for Our Lord and Saviour got so loud, I refused to allow this evil to penetrate my ears anymore. AND it does not mean you will drink or drug again but that is what certain cult people will have you believe because they have made the new age 12 steps their idol and think they do not have to go to Mass or worship the ONLY God their is even on Sunday . Not to mention they are stuck in the addiction , of thinking if they do not go to these insipid new age cult gathering that are becoming more and more hatefilled of Jesus as they try to drive the mere mention of Him and His full Truth out of the rooms so they can cohabitate and engage in sodomy and lesbian relationships, and follow worship of trees or some other such idol if not themselves that is, but hey they are not drinking….YET.
    Unfortunately the gods they do follow will not help them when no one is around or someone, and the devil and his world try to kill them some other way , keep them deceived and hey no …worry, there is no Hell, “that’s there stuff…those rigid Catholics”, so they in their self made new age prison will say…another Serenity prayer(which actually is a beautiful prayer when followed through with sincerity about the only God and having real gratitude for HIM…The ONLY ONE… ALONE…since all other gods are devils) as they sin upon sin by rejecting the Saviour Jesus Christ and The Only One who gave them life and sobriety, for that matter if they show repentance and humility , and maybe, only for for awhile…. depends and will be the ONLY ONE there when the darkness comes and it will.
    We have to face the fact that anyone who questions the beginning according to God, about Adam and Eve rejects Him, and you know why because of the very first sin-rebellion which comes from pride.
    Do not waste time “dialoguing” with people who suffer from intellectual caca in their brain , because of sin, (they think highly of themselves or why would they argue on something so sure as this) and who argue about Genesis and Adam and Eve. HELLO????Are you Catholic you who do…I think not! You should go to Confession.We all need to when we “think” like this. It is very simple…God made it so…children understand it…you know why? .They do “think” erroneously that they are smarter than God, with the brains…uhmmm… one might add that were given to them by God to Honor God and to use to follow Him
    Why else would people refuse to honor what God says about concupiscence and the fact we will be battling it till the end of time and can only do so with God’s Sacramental Grace and all else He in HIs awesome Heartbreaking Love has made available to us mere wretched creatures that He made for Himself alone so we could glorify HIm and spend Eternity with forever. What pray tell is so hard to believe about that and all we have to do is be obedient to what He says , not others HIM. She…Our Beloved Mother and Queen in Heaven Mary says…”Do what He says”
    Follow He Who IS Truth .

  2. Years ago I cancelled my subscription to the Catholic Register. Any likeness between the Register and authentic Catholicism is pure coincidence. As for these Canadian bishops,………a fainthearted flock of invertebrates, worthy successors, to those who stabbed Pope Paul, in the back, with the dagger known as the Winnipeg Statement.

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