Canadian Bishops Still Not Admitting The Extent of the Problem

In this interview, Our Channel of Hope interviews Archbishop Richard Smith, president of the CCCB.  The interview was aired January 23, 2012, about 6 weeks before LifeSite reported on +Smith’s trip to Haiti, which you can read here.  As you listen to the segment dealing with the on-going abortion scandal of Development & Peace (22:00-24:27), you might think that, after hearing + Smith, that we are talking about two entirely different controversies.

Here are some nuggets for you all to prayerfully consider:

  • 22:00-22:23 – +Smith talks about “keeping before us the reality of the poor and suffering”.  Indeed, the unborn continue to suffer at the hands of the Canadian Bishops’ blind support for pro-abort groups in the Global South.  During his recent trip to Haiti, he encountered one of the more vile groups of the  dozens that have been uncovered.  But they’re just wonderful!  If you were a pro-abort getting the cash from the useful idiots in Canada, wouldn’t you just be wonderful too?  There’s an old street word for people like us:  suckers.
  • 23:05-23:11 – “We would not have patience for one minute…with any partner that would be pro-abortion.”  Really?  You’ve had well over 1,575,000 minutes, your Grace.  And the clock keeps ticking.
  • 23:20-23:29 – …”Problems found with just a very few…small, small group and they were dealt with.” Oh it is to laugh or cry depending your persepective.  For the record, it’s been 53 groups, your Grace.  This isn’t the Wizard of Oz.  We’re not Dorothy and you’re not the Wizard behind the curtain.  We live in the age of the internet, your Grace.  The bishops of the Church need to get off of this cover-up shtick.  It worked in the past. It doesn’t work anymore.  The jig is up.
  • 23:17-23:54 – “…Standing commitee…if people have questions, they can bring it to us.”  Really.  Seriously?  Cue the hoaky Star Trek music, folks, because Scotty wants to beam us up, but we’re having some serious problems with the transporter.

Seriously, what really saddens me about this whole sad and pathetic drama is that trust and credibility are evaporating away.

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