Canadian Bishops: “Renewal And Reflection” But No Repentance

The Canadian bishops have finally come out and made a few remarks regarding the Development & Peace abortion scandal since they last met in October.    If you were looking for an admission of guilt or a promise for genuine reform, however, you’d be out of luck, I’m afraid.  And you’ll never guess what they’ve announced.   Not in a million years will you guess it!  They’ve…wait it for it now…they’ve….announced the formation of another committee for the process of this “renewal”!  Yes, that’s right folks, ’round and ’round she goes, where it stops no one really does know.   The bishops just keep passing the buck, and the blood money just keeps flowing.  How much “renewal” do you think this committee is going to get done before Christmas?  Not much, you say? I agree with you.  And after Christmas? Well, Lent’s just around the corner and so are the millions of dollars that Development & Peace will be siphoning from duped Canadian Catholics to their pro-abort, marxist groups in the Global South.  And what about this “renewal”?  What kind of genuine renewal does not first start with an admission of the facts?  If you won’t admit the facts, just what exactly are you going to be renewing? Any organization that does not admit the facts is simply not serious about renewal.  Why are they in the process of “renewal”?  Weren’t things just swell before?  What prompted this “renewal”?   Does this “renewal” mean the cash stops moving?  That’s what we want to know.  We’ve already shown them the evidence and put it right between their eyes.  But even with that, they still won’t bend or admit anything.  The stench of pride and sin is so thick, I can even smell it through the computer screen every time I visit their websites.

Let’s all remember the first time the bishops set up a committee to “investigate” the “allegations”.  It didn’t work so well, did it?  So they’re up for another go.  But who are they trying to fool? It’s the same subterfuge, denial, deferral, and patronizations.  We useful idiots in the pews will remain idiots and no doubt very useful for years to come. Reading the article linked above, you’d be hard-pressed to find any problem whatsoever. In fact, the bishops and Development & Peace make it sound that the changes will be quite natural and will represent a rather organic development to their agency.  Nothing really notable or exceptional should be expected. Nothing to see here, folks, move along.  Move along.  It’s all quite natureeeeeeellllll.  The changes coming are likely all fluff and not substantive, much like the same clap-trap, marshmallow language we’ve come to expect from Development & Peace and the bishops. Let me highlight a few of them for Socon or Bust readers….

D&P executive director Michael Casey said the new committee will be the bishops’ “accompanying body” in a process of “institutional reflection and renewal” that is already taking place.

“I think this is going to be a really interesting reflection jointly undertaken,” he said, noting that it was normal after 40 years of doing things a certain way to do this kind of examination. “We are really happy to have the support of the bishops on this by this committee and they’re going to be engaged actively in this organizational reflection.”

“We hope that we can establish new ways of relating to the federal government and eventually to have some meeting with the cabinet ministers and the Prime Minister or his office to discuss some of the problems that we have in Canadian society about which we have something to say,” said Morissette.

We feel that we have something to do with our communications,” said Morissette. “It was a weakness with the conference and we hope that we can improve things.”

We hear about “reflection” and “renewal”, but not admission of the facts or a resolution to repent.  It’s quite unbelievable, really.  They even throw in better ways of relating to the federal government!  That’s right!  That’s what we need.  More co-operation with CIDA and other pro-abort government organs. And then there is, of course, my absolute favourite,  “improved communication strategies” – as if to suggest that the real problem here is in how they communicated in the first place.  What an insult to our intelligence.  

“Institutional reflection and renewal” to describe addressing the funding of political movements to murder babies?  That’s the same kind of language used by Bill Clinton who described oral sex with an intern as “inappropriate”.   They rape the truth and then rape the language.

Folks, Development & Peace will float along like they always have, and continue to fund pro-abort groups so they can pat themselves on the back about advancing “social justice”.  The revelations against them will likely only have a nominal effect on their collections, mostly because of ignorant Catholics who are kept in the dark by bishops who won’t tell the truth.  But as the years go on, Development & Peace will become less and less relevant and their donations will continue to dry up.  Every year there’ll be less and less money.  Or perhaps new management will eventually come in to clean things up. Who knows and who really cares?  All we need to know right now and for years to come is that we cannot give to Development &  Peace and we should do our best to let our friends and family know that the blood money continues to flow, the subterfuge and spin machine notwithstanding.  Even beyond this, the real sadness and disgrace is that we cannot trust our bishops’ pastoral judgement.  Being part of the old boys’ club and keeping up appearances are, apparently, more important than stopping the advancement of the culture of death with our own money.   Indeed, what is being displayed here is the same arrogant and dismissive attitude that governs the western bishops’ complicit approach to homosexual abuse of minors.

You know, it says quite a bit about our state of affairs when we would be ecstatic to hear that our bishops were to stop funding pro-abort groups and remain merely NEUTRAL in the fight against abortion, contraception, and anti-Catholicism.  Instead, what do we have?  Bishops who take their sweet, bureaucratic time – 270 days to be exact – to get to this point, and even then, they tell us to eat cake.  We are not to worry or to concern ourselves with such trifles.  We shouldn’t get too uptight that our money is going to actively fund groups whose mission it is to politically advance the dismemberment of the bodies of unborn children….and Jesus Christ Himself.

To the bishop of this country and the management of Development & Peace, I say to you that you should be profoundly ashamed of yourselves.  Your “reflection and renewal” are getting in the way of good old-fashioned repentance. If you won’t confess, you won’t be forgiven.


2 thoughts on “Canadian Bishops: “Renewal And Reflection” But No Repentance

  1. Proverbs 24:11-12 (King James Version)

    11If thou forbear to deliver them that are drawn unto death, and those that are ready to be slain;

    12If thou sayest, Behold, we knew it not; doth not he that pondereth the heart consider it? and he that keepeth thy soul, doth not he know it? and shall not he render to every man according to his works?

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