Canadian Bishops Duke It Out: D&P Now On The Rack

MONTREAL, Sept. 19, 2012 ( – In an unprecedented move, Canada’s bishops have put a halt to Development and Peace’s fall education campaign after several bishops refused to allow the materials into their parishes. The bishops’ beleaguered aid organization was forced to delay its traditional campaign until mid-October for revisions after complaints that it was too politically-focused, reports the Catholic Register’s Michael Swan. According to the news agency, it is the first time the bishops have directly intervened to stop one of D&P’s education campaigns.  CCCB President Archbishop Richard Smith and General Secretary Msgr. Pat Powers contacted D&P with the news Sept. 5th and apparently did so without consulting members of the CCCB’s Standing Committee on Development & Peace. “I kind of feel out in the cold on this,” Bishop Richard Grecco of Charlottetown, one of the committee members, told the Register…. “I was aware that the president of the conference sent out a letter, but there’s been no follow-up with me directly,” said Bishop John Boissonneau, an auxiliary in Toronto and another committee member.


…But lobbying the government on policy does not amount to education, said Grecco.  “We can have that dialogue (on Canadian development policy). I just don’t think it should be a campaign. That’s not what D&P should be about.” (Source)

Well, I must say, it looks like the eco-propaganda gravy train is finally getting derailed….if only for a short time.   Could it really be that the bishops have finally realized that they are going to be held accountable before Jesus for abdicating their responsibilities all these years?  For going along with the eco-socialist fraud and squandering hundreds of millions of our contributions?  It looks like some of them have finally sobered up and realized that the CCCB and its endless and subversive committees don’t have any authority on their own.  Maybe they’ve finally clued into what the Pope said while he was a Cardinal about these dubious bureaucracies.  When they are rightly judged before Our Lord, the “Committee” doesn’t get a judgement.  One is saved personally, and not as part of a collective.  If you read the above articles, you will see the great wisdom of the Holy Spirit in establishing the Church as He did with individual bishops and the Pope,  and not, thank God, by National Conferences or its insufferable committees.  No worries then about the Executive Committee talking to the Standing Committee of the Ad Hoc Committee of the Sitting Committee. 

Note to the Bishops:  The buck and the associated responsibility stops with you.   There will be no excuses about delegation. If you’re too busy with other things instead of dealing with millions of Catholic dollars being funnelled to anti-Catholic organizations, pro-abort groups and eco-propaganda efforts, then you really shouldn’t be bishop because your priorities or judgement or both are waaaaaaaaaaaay off the mark.  Step down and get out. 

We don’t want you, frankly.  Speaking for myself, I have no compunction in telling you that to your face if necessary, either.  Just leave.

Two more things.

1.  D&P is now going full-out in its wild effort to get back the booty they lost from the Conservative government.  Check out this little graph on how your money was being spent for the last fiscal year (Sept.2010-Aug. 2011) before they went on their spending spree and eco-romp in the current fiscal year!   

Management and administration $3,893,971 (11%)
Fundraising $733,769 (2%)
Political activities $1,223,786 (3%)

Mangement, fundraising and political activities take up 16% of their budget!  No wonder they have been rated so poorly for their stewardship.  What’s it gonna be for the 2011-12 fiscal year?  Probably double those %, considering their cuts.

2.  The Catholic Register, to their credit, actually reported on this juicy story of “conflict” and “upset” among the bishops.  Will Salt+Light TV pry themselves away from the Koolaid long enough to know that news has landed…or are they still hung-up about the  ahem  “the ghettoization” of us peasant bloggers?

3 thoughts on “Canadian Bishops Duke It Out: D&P Now On The Rack

  1. Wow! Shocker!

    That education campaign must have been awful if the bishops pulled the plug.

    The CR raises a good point:

    The appearance that the bishops are divided or opposed to Development and Peace has become a challenge for parish groups, said Kennedy. And the idea that the bishops’ conference did not inform its own standing committee will be even more confusing.

    “The bishops set up these avenues through which both they and Development and Peace would work and all of a sudden that gets over-ridden. That’s disturbing,” he said. “What’s the point of having them if they’re not going to be used.”

    Looks like the bureaucratic structures established by the CCCB are not agile and nimble enough to deal with problems as they arise.

  2. I really have a low idea about our bishops. The Winnipeg Statement shows how deep they have fallen, and refusing to admit that they were wrong openly shows how small they are. I don’t expect them to come out and pray in the street, like I do at a Mary-statue downtown. But they should have the courage to admit, they did wrong. They seem to be a bunch of friends who hang together. And please, make it possible to read the words that we have to copy !!

  3. Once again the CCCB and the heirarchy of the Roman Catholic Church activley supports promoting a culture of death while it claims to be promoting a culture of life. For some bishops to be frightened to educate parishioners about the huge sea change in the direction of our Canadian Development Assistance which is already costing so many their lives around this world because it might cause division within parishes or communities – doesn’t hold water and is not being a disciple of Jesus the Nazarene. I can’t help but wonder what the payoff is some of the bishops are hoping for from this current governing party.

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